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mass killing

News Roundup 7/14/20

News Roundup 7/14/20

US News A fire injured twenty-one people on the USS Bonhomme. The ship is docked in San Diego. [Link] The federal government ran an $867 billion deficit in June. The US is running a $2.7 trillion deficit for the year. With three months left in the year, the current...

Gun Violence in California

Gun Violence in California

Upon hearing that a man dressed in a military-style outfit was shooting people with an assault rifle at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California on Sunday, I imagine that there were at least some Californians saying to themselves, “That’s impossible. It’s illegal in...

AI: The Human Delusion

Whether we like it or not Artificial Intelligence is upon us. It already exists in basic forms in time will it grow and evolve into a non biological organism that will defy what ever intentions the creators had or likely did not have for it.  Like the first atomic...

News Roundup 5/16/17

The Trump Administration is accusing the Syria government of mass killings. [Link] This article makes the case that the US military is the world largest polluter. [Link] Soldiers rebelling against the Ivory Coast government block a road connecting Ivory Coast and...

The Bombs

The Bombs

The Bombs     It is perhaps with a degree of historical poetry that on the cusp of an apparent Iranian nuclear deal that Japan should celebrate the 70th anniversary of the destruction of two of its cities at the hands of the United States. The very...



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