Native American Boys: Forgotten Victims

Native American Boys: Forgotten Victims

A recent study by the Nebraska State Patrol and the Commission on Indian Affairs should change how the media and lawmakers view violence against Native Americans. They should look carefully at male victims, but it is far from clear that they will. The Omaha...

Police Provoke Riot in Pittsburgh

I wanted to write down and submit to the Libertarian Institute what I saw today at the protest in downtown Pittsburgh over the George Floyd killing. Some background on me: I am a Libertarian—a minarchist, not an anarchist. I was brought into the movement by the Ron...

More Lies About Russia From the CIA-New York Times

Russia is the reason that American neo-Nazis are neo-Nazis! Also: Russia is the reason for black radical groups too! Actual specific accusations and evidence forthcoming, we are told. "they gave few details" "are examining " "they did not detail how" I know what your...

Here Come the Waco Massacres

Jim Bovard in the Hill on gun control in practice: President Trump declared last week that the law enforcement should “take the guns first, go through due process second.” But the history of federal firearms enforcement shows that due process is often a mirage when...

The “F” Word

The “F” Word

There’s a four letter word beginning with ‘f’ that’s on a lot of people’s lips these days. I’m talking about “free.” Free just might be the most powerful word in the English language. It drastically alters people’s behaviors and can short-circuit mental reasoning like...

News Roundup 1/28/20

News Roundup 1/28/20

US News Trump will announce his “Deal of the Century” on Tuesday. The deal is meant to resolve the Israeli occupation of Palestine. However, Palestinians have already rejected many of the details of the plan that have been leaked. [Link] Daniel Larison explains how...



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