Patrick Cockburn

Fool’s Errand Now 1/2 Price!

So you're stuck at home and want to learn about the war in Afghanistan? Well, I've cut the price of my book Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan by half for ya. The Kindle version too. Daniel Ellsberg, Douglas Macgregor, Matthew Hoh, Daniel L. Davis,...

Correction: Islamic State Population Size

Thanks to John in the Reddit room for the heads up. I said on Tom Woods' show that the Islamic State, which controlled eastern Syria and western Iraq from June 2014-December 2017, was the size and population of Great Britain, but that's wrong. It was the size of the...

News Roundup 5/17/19

Trump signs an executive order that gives the White House the power to bar US telecom companies from doing business with foreign companies. Trump targeted the Chinese company Huawei. [Link] Daniel Lazare breaks down the real consequences of the fake Russiagate...

The Bad Guys with Guns

The Bad Guys with Guns

On FPF #350, I argue that the armed US government agents are often the bad guys with guns on American streets and overseas. A recent editorial in the NYT explains how cops in Baltimore became the bad guys. I explain how US troops end up becoming the bad guys with guns...



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