Multi-Generation War

Multi-Generation War

On FPF #319, I discuss the endless US War on Terror. The US has issued a $1 million reward for information on the son of Osama bin Laden. The younger bin Laden is rising through the ranks of al-Qaeda. Americans are born before 9/11 are starting to enlist in the...

FPF #267 – Venezuela guest Brian Saady

On FPF #267, Brian Saady returns to discuss Venezuela. Brian explains the rise of Chavez and the Communist government. He reviews the opposition to the Communist government. We talk about the current state of Venezuela and Trump's Venezuela policy.  Brian Saady is the...

The Economics of Policing in Broward County, Florida

James, thanks very much for posting that. I wonder what will happen to him. Is it clear what led the police to finally admit this after so many days? Check out this incredible thread about the economics of policing in Broward County. The Sheriff's Department and the...



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