COI #105 – Executing the Wrong People

COI #105 – Executing the Wrong People

On COI#105, Kyle discusses the US government executing the wrong people, either overseas or in the US. Ledell Lee was executed by Arkansas in 2017. A new report shows another person's DNA on the murder weapon and other evidence. The report showed Lee was unlikely the...

Rand Paul Proposes National Breonna Taylor Act

Dear Senator, we like it very much when you do good things. Sincerely, Everybody Matt Agorist at the FTP says: Sen. Rand Paul (R) Kentucky, proposed to make this a nationwide ban in one of the most unprecedented anti-police state moves we’ve ever seen. “After talking...

Oh Cool, #SWAT is Trending!

I wonder if the Black Lives Matter people have a new effort focusing on banning SWAT Team night raids...! Oh.



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