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White House Wants to Form International Tribunal to Prosecute Russian Leader for War Crimes

White House Wants to Form International Tribunal to Prosecute Russian Leader for War Crimes

After months of indecision, the Joe Biden administration has come out in favor of using international mechanisms to punish Russian officials for the “crime of aggression” in Ukraine. The White House has resisted Kiev’s effort to prosecute President Vladimir Putin and other Russian leaders at the International Crime Court (ICC) over fears that American officials could face similar accountability.

Nuland: US Supports Kiev “Hitting” Crimea

Nuland: US Supports Kiev “Hitting” Crimea

Victoria Nuland, the undersecretary of state for political affairs, said last week that the US is “supporting” Ukrainian attacks on Crimea and called Russian military installations on the peninsula “legitimate targets.” Nuland made the comments when asked about a...

News Roundup 12/28/2021

News Roundup 12/28/2021

Covid The CDC says people who test positive for covid but do not have symptoms only need to quarantine for five days. The CDC then recommends five days of mask-wearing.  The World Bank says nearly 100 million people fell into poverty during the covid pandemic. [Link]...

News Roundup 12/28/2021

News Roundup 12/23/21

US News US airstrikes have dropped about 54% since Biden took office. [Link] Military families in Hawaii believe they have been exposed to contaminated water for months longer than the Navy currently admits. [Link] The US sanctions three people in Brazil for...

Josh Rogin is a Syrian al Qaeda-Supporting Scumbag, But

This article in the Post about how the State Department was warning that a Coronavirus could escape from the Wuhan Lab's insufficient containment system seems credible. "Two years before the novel coronavirus pandemic upended the world, U.S. Embassy officials visited...

Funny Facts About Dem Fundraising

In this story about how Bernie is raising the most money from active duty military, since Trump sold them out, #hope #change, there is this wonderful hilarious paragraph full of terrible things: "Most of the people who have donated to former Vice President Biden’s...



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