Noam Chomsky Mentions Fool’s Errand

Twice! "The invasion was not only a violation of international law, as marginal a concern in Washington as the anti-Taliban Afghan resistance, but also had no credible pretext on any grounds. "Pure criminality. "Furthermore, ample evidence is now available showing...

News Roundup 9/8/21

News Roundup 9/8/21

Korea South Korea developed a new submarine-launched ballistic missile. [Link] Afghanistan The Taliban named a new temporary government. It is led by Mullah Akhund and the interior minister is sanctioned by the US. [Link] UNICEF is attempting to reunite hundreds of...

News Roundup 8/19/21

US News Biden says nursing homes that have Medicare and Medicaid residents have to mandate their staff are vaccinated. [Link] The FDA approved a third booster shot of the 2-shot covid vaccinations for most adults. [Link] The federal government will reimburse states...

News Roundup 9/8/21

News Roundup 8/13/21

Afghanistan  Afghanistan’s second-largest city, Kandahar is under Taliban control. [Link] The Taliban captured the capital of the Uruzgan province. [Link] The US is carrying several airstrikes a day. Many of the strikes are targeting US equipment captured by the...

News Roundup 9/8/21

News Roundup 6/11/21

US News The Pentagon is looking to expand the amount of non-classified information it can withhold from the public. [Link] The Biden Administration's effort to fight corruption in Latin American will involve the US intelligence agencies funding NGOs. [Link] Great...

News Roundup 9/8/21

News Roundup 3/18/21

US News A New Hampshire town is evicting 25 people from their homes because they are ‘tiny homes.’ [Link] A North Korean diplomat said the US effort to reach out for talks was a “cheap trick” and North Korea would not engage with the US until the hostile policy was...



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