My Body My Choice: Abolish Occupational Licensing

The most immediate effect of licensing is to restrict the number of practitioners because of the higher entry costs involved in meeting the qualifications of the activity. Some licenses, as in the cases of cosmeticians and barbers, require many months of schooling. Others require the installation of costly health and safety equipment. Still others demand the purchase of the license or “certificate of authorization” from an incumbent practitioner that can cost millions of dollars, as was the case when interstate trucking was highly regulated. Further, some jurisdictions issue only a fixed number of licenses or authorizations. All of these requirements raise the cost of entry, which naturally leads to a smaller number of practitioners.

Restricting that number is only the initial effect of licensing. A secondary effect is that the price of the good or service offered is higher than it would otherwise be. The result of restricting entry to a business or occupation, and probably the primary intent of licensing, is to raise the incomes of incumbent practitioners. Evidence supports this self-interested behavior: (1) most licensure laws are the result of intense lobbying by incumbents, not of consumers demanding more protection from incompetent or unscrupulous practitioners; (2) when incumbents in an unlicensed trade lobby for licensing (or when those in one already licensed lobby for higher entry requirements) they virtually always seek a “grandfather” clause that exempts them from meeting the new requirements, leaving the burden of the higher entry costs to be borne mainly by new entrants; (3) practitioner violations of the licensing codes, such as price-cutting and extra hours, are nearly always reported to the licensing board by the incumbents rather than by customers.’

– Walter E. Williams, Ph.D., Race and Economics

Progressives Are Domestic Imperialists

Progressives will fight tooth and nail to make sure every citizen gets a 1 in 100,000,000 vote between two politicians every four years since it allows the political system to reflect the wishes of the population at large.

However, when those very same voters try to make an economic exchange, the Progressive will unapologetically coercively interfere under the guise of “helping the little guy.” Want an internship to get on the job experience? Tough luck says the Progressive, if the internship does not pay $15 an hour with benefits it’s for your own good that you stay unexperienced. Want to sell goods? Not without a business or occupational license! Want to save your money instead of giving it to the IRS? Not a chance. Want to save a persons life by giving them a kidney in exchange for compensation? Help yourself to a $50,000 fine and five years in prison.

It does not occur to the Progressive that they are no different in principle than the European Colonialists/Imperialists which they so often condemn.

Meet the New Boss Same as the Old Boss with Truth Over Comfort Ep. 250

Patrick joins Truth Over Comfort to discuss the rise of China and the move from a unipolar to multipolar world.

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Military Conscription is Slavery: Woodrow Wilson Edition

By the guidelines set down by the Selective Service Act, all males aged 21 to 30 were required to register to potentially be selected for military service. At the request of the War Department, Congress amended the law in August 1918 to expand the age range to include all men 18 to 45, and to bar further volunteering.[7] By the end of World War I, some two million men volunteered for various branches of the armed services, and some 2.8 million had been drafted.[8] This meant that more than half of the almost 4.8 million Americans who served in the armed forces were drafted. Due to the effort to incite a patriotic attitude, the World War I draft had a high success rate, with fewer than 350,000 men “dodging” the draft.

– Selective Service Act of 1917, Wikipedia

15 Minute Cities w/Courtenay Turner

Courtenay joins me to discuss the plans the elites are laying out for 15 minute cities and geofencing.

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