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Scott Horton on the Tom Woods Show

Ep. 768 of the Tom Woods Show: Syria, Russia, and the American Candidates with Scott Horton, Managing Director of the Libertarian Institute. Scott and Tom discuss the founding of the Libertarian Institute at the top of the show, then Scott tears into US foreign policy in Syria and relations with Russia. "The situation in Syria is dangerous and volatile, with the potential...

TGIF: Clueless Presidential Candidates

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are no friends of liberty. This is not breaking news, of course. In fact, I can't think of a less controversial statement: unlike past Democratic and Republican presidential candidates, they don't even pay lip service to liberty. I can't recall either of them talking about the need to roll back government power to give individuals more room...

John Bennett’s Jihad

In seeking a suitable description of Oklahoma State Representative -- and compulsive mosque-baiter -- John Bennett, one must resist the temptation to use the familiar epithet "horse's ass," even though the effluent that emerges from Bennett's tax-devouring skull cave is as disagreeable as what one associates with that equine orifice, which is, we must remember, an otherwise harmless portion...

Hillary Clinton’s Selective Moral Outrage

Not all civilian casualties are created equally. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has taken a tough line on the rights record of the Syrian government, but remains silent about similar war crimes committed by a coalition of states led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in their ongoing war in Yemen. Jeremy Bash, Clinton's foreign policy advisor, told the Telegraph last...

Justifying the Saudi Slaughter in Yemen

The Obama administration has carried out a deliberately deceptive campaign accusing Iran of covertly sending arms to the Houthis by sea, a claim that Washington cites to help justify the Saudi massive air attack against the Houthis that began last year. By repeating the accusation over and over, the administration has been largely successful in turning a dubious allegation into...

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