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News Roundup

News Roundup 6/16/20

US News Black Americans are more likely to die from police using tasers. [Link] The Supreme Court rules that existing civil rights laws extend to LGBTQ workers. [Link] A Republican super-pac is giving money to help Democratic Rep Elliot Engle in his primary. [Link]...


‘Defund the Police’: A Libertarian Moment?

The time is now for American libertarians to get together and publicly broadcast “the solution.” It is my belief that almost all long-time libertarians agree on this solution with perhaps slight variations. The internal debate is mostly in the practicality of the...

Mass Cop Resignations? Yeah Right.

Pete, what a hollow threat. First of all, good riddance, so how's that a threat? But second of all, they don't mean it at all, the tax-parasites. Get real jobs? Retire at 65 instead of 50? Sure. I know. Let's test it and see what they can put up with.

Cops Kill Man

This is what happens when you call the cops: Cops shoot man to death, claim he was trying to take one of their guns, an obvious lie.  

The Scott Horton Show

5/1/20 Mike Swanson on the Coronavirus Economy

Mike Swanson discusses all the money the U.S. government has pumped into the economy in order to combat the economic effects of the coronavirus, and what effects these stimulus measures are likely to have. Even though an huge increase in the money supply would...

4/24/20 Mitchell Plitnick on Israel’s New Unity Government

Mitchell Plitnick talks to Scott about the dizzying state of the Israeli elections. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has finally formed a government after three rounds of elections that looked to be tilting toward his main rival, Benny Gantz. Plitnick theorizes that...

Free Man Beyond the Wall

*Bonus* Jim Bovard on the Police Killing of Duncan Lemp

18 Minutes Pg-13 Jim Bovard joined me on Skype to answer questions about the Duncan Lemp killing in Maryland by a SWAT team in which it appears that Lemp was sleeping when he was shot and killed. Did Maryland Police Shoot And Kill A Sleeping Man? Link to...

Foreign Policy Focus

News Roundup 3/10/20

US News After a court ruling, Trump will deploy an additional 160 active-duty troops to the southern border. [Link]Schools are increasingly surveilling students with microphones and facial recognition. [Link]A new body camera for police has live facial recognition...

Congress Loves War

On FPF #461, I discuss Congress pushing for war more than Trump. A new bill in the House looks to prevent the US from drawing down troops in Africa. Throughout the Trump presidency, Congress has a history of attempting to prevent Trump from drawing down forces or...

Turkey Looks to Draw NATO Allies into Its Fight in Syria

On FPF #460, I discuss the chaotic and dangerous situation unfolding in Idlib, Syria. Turkey is backing the al-Qaeda linked rebels who remain in opposition to the Syrian government. The Syrian Army - along with its Russian ally - are attempting to retake the Idlib...

Don't Tread on Anyone

Why Everyone Should Support Free Markets

Economist Donald J. Boudreaux from George Mason University makes the case for free market capitalism, while I play devils advocate. Topics, What is free market capitalism? What is the difference between government and the free market? Do free markets protect...

The Conscience of a Liberal by Paul Krugman – REBUTTED

Economist Robert P. Murphy and I discuss Krugman's take on leftism, the morality of the state, welfare, economic cycles, inequality, the great depression and much more! In short, Krugman fails to explain why the state has a moral right to do things (initiate violence...

How to DEBUNK Libertarianism!

What would libertarians need to hear, in order to change their minds on supporting libertarianism? Like any other theory or claim, we must define it, then find a way it can be falsified in order to avoid engaging in "moving the goal post" or confirmation bias....

Year Zero

Year Zero: Bin Laden’s Victory

On the 1 year anniversary of Year Zero, episode 65, Tommy looks at the effects of 9/11. Given all the lies told by the US government surrounding 9/11 It's easy to see why the truther community still grows and thrives. So much so that one must wonder if the...

Year Zero: The Afghanistan Plan

In Episode 64 Tommy looks at the negotiations between the Taliban and the US. In light of the negotiations breaking down, and Trump's desire to keep 9,000 military personnel in Afghanistan is it possible that Trump's rhetoric on the campaign trail was another...

Year Zero: Collapse for Liberty

In Episode 63 Tommy explores why the Status Quo Wins out over liberty. Is total financial collapse the only chance to have a possibility of liberty? Listen to Year Zero 

Year Zero: Mob Tactics

In Episode 62 Tommy looks at the death of Frank Olson at the hands of the CIA. For over 60 years the death of his father has tormented Eric Olson, Frank's eldest son, and after exhuming the body in 1994 forensics concluded Frank had been murdered in 1953. Today the...

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