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Antiwar Pivot: No Peace in Afrin

From March to June 2017 I was the Team Turkey Commander, having replaced what, until that point, had been a Special Forces Company mission with a company headquarters, three Special Forces teams, and some addition support personal. Once the company moved to Syria, it became the job of three other Green Berets from my team, a translator, a cook, and myself to take on the mission. I would be reporting directly to the 5th Special Forces Group and CJSOTF-Syria Commander, skipping my boss and his boss. We were partnered with several Free Syrian Army units, one of which was Liwa al-Hamza, or the...

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Don’t Give Them the Crisis They Want

The Capitol Riot was this generations Reichstag and its being used by the cathedral in the exact same way. If you have to ask how German citizens could allow the rise of fascism, look to your fellow citizens asking, even demanding, the government take more power. Simply bringing this to your attention could get me labeled an extremist. It seems like such a wild stretch to compare the two, doesn’t it? After all, we all know from four years of the corporate press telling us, that the MAGA crowd is a bunch of white-supremacist, Neo-Nazi fascists. So this current incarnation is the complete...

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USDA Joins in on Screwing Americans

Why farmers are dumping food as some Americans go hungry - The Washington Post That should be an easy question to answer. Because the US Dept of Agriculture forces farmers to dump milk to maintain prices. The Washington Post is something else. They’re actually going to write that milk is being dumped and then in the next paragraph say that the federal government needs to step in and help a broken food distribution system. They never mention that it’s the government who forces farmers to dump the milk. They even imply later on that it’s processing plants asking farmers to dump milk. The point...

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Event 201

This is some scary, fascist stuff... Remember that time when some of the biggest companies and international government agencies got together to discuss how the coronavirus would lead to a global pandemic, and then systematically decided what the global response should be? Yeah, me neither. Event 201: Pandemic Exercise Thanks to Peter Quinones and Richard Grove for bringing this to my attention.

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COVID-19’S Final Victim: The Corporate Press

It will be a couple years before we know the full story of the COVID-19 Crisis. But one thing is certain right now. When the dust settles, the corporate press better have been right on this one. They have gone all in with non-stop, wall-to-wall coverage of the pandemic. If this turns into a complete overreaction, they are done for. They are already on thin ice with a large portion of Americans and it’s not even certain that they will ever get the buy in from younger generations. This points out the very reason why the press and journalists should be held accountable when they get things...

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Flattening the Curve, Prolonging the Pain

Flattening the Curve, Prolonging the Pain

I want to discuss the above graphic since it, or some version of it, has been promulgating the 24/7 media coverage and the internet. I realize the point of “flattening the curve” is to decrease the number of people who get COVID-19. That seems reasonable on face value, but it only highlights the Y axis of the graph. Maybe it’s just me, but the first thing that jumped out was the X axis. By flattening the curve, we are going to delay how long this crisis spreads. Now, it appears from the graphic that the goal is to keep the number of cases below our health care systems capacity. But this...

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