CONFIRMED: Legalization Turns Mary Jane Into a Square Drug Kids Don’t Want to Try

by | Sep 8, 2017

The results are in and they’re just what you would expect. After eight US states decriminalized marijuana, and another twenty allowed it to be smoked as medicine, its use by adolescents has fallen to an all-time low.

Source: Reason Magazine

Nobody should be surprised by this. Without being illegal cannabis is about as cool as Ed Sheeran, except it’s even more boring. The chance it might get you chased by cops is literally the only fun thing about weed.

Legalize it, and take that bit of excitement away and there is literally no excuse for anyone who is not Jamaican or in a jazz band to be seen within ten feet of this awful excuse for a “drug”.

Data also says use is growing for adults, but that is understandable. These are people who in their formative years were cruelly told by lawmakers that marijuana is cool and rebellious, rather than dull and pointless.

The oncoming generations at least have been saved however, and placed on the superior, and the only correct path of drinking beer. The stuff that’s actually fun and fuels revolutions.

Come on kids, smoke weed, be as cool as these cool people.

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