Hearing the Other Side: Socialism v. Libertarianism. Ben Burgis and Keith Knight

by | Dec 1, 2020

One of the best ways of regarding the problem of compulsory education is to think of the almost exact analogy in the area of that other great educational medium — the newspaper. What would we think of a proposal for the government, Federal or State, to
use the taxpayers’ money to set up a nationwide chain of public newspapers, and compel all people, or all children, to read them? What would we think furthermore of the government’s outlawing all other newspapers, or indeed outlawing all newspapers that do
not come up to the “standards” of what a government commission thinks children ought to read? Such a proposal would be generally regarded with horror in America, and yet this is exactly the sort of regime that the government has established in the sphere of scholastic instruction.  Compulsory public presses would be considered an invasion of the basic freedom of the press; yet is not scholastic freedom at least as important as press freedom? Aren’t both vital media for public information and education, for free inquiry and the search for truth? It is clear that the suppression of free instruction should be regarded with even greater horror than suppression of free press, since here the unformed minds of children are involved.


Murray N. Rothbard
Education: Free and Compulsory, pp. 17–18


0:20 – What is Democratic Socialism?

2:28 – How can we falsify socialism?

9:22 – Defining communism, socialism, & capitalism

14:00 – What makes “government” or “the state” a unique institution in society?

20:59 – What should happen to people who don’t chip in for the welfare state or the warfare state?

23:23 – The state hinders economic choices and disproportionately hurts those with low incomes

32:51 – Robber Barons – Public v. Private tyranny

42:09 – How does offering me products, services and employment exploitation?

52:30 – Wealth comes from freedom, saving, and investment- how does voting increase wealth?

1:02:12 – Why big business loves big government

1:09:56 – Positive Rights v. Negative Rights

1:24:54 – “Business owners are enslaved to the whim of consumers, therefore exploited.”


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