COI #174: The US Is Pushing China to the Brink

by | Oct 12, 2021

COI #174: The US Is Pushing China to the Brink

by | Oct 12, 2021


On COI #174, Kyle Anzalone breaks down the recent news in the US Cold War against China. Reuters reports that the US has been sending special operations soldiers to Taiwan for training. The US has sent Coast Guard and arms trainers to Taiwan previously, but the special operations forces would be a serious escalation. The UK is following Washington’s lead with its own “tilt” to the Indo-Pacific. The UK’s new aircraft carrier is currently docked in Singapore while two other UK warships are preparing for new homes in Japan. 

Kyle discusses US-Iran tensions. Iran has signaled a willingness to return to nuclear negotiations in Vienna. However, the Biden administration has largely met the new Iranian president’s overtures with threats of more sanctions. Last week, the US removed sanctions on two Iranian entities. The move could have been a signal to Iran that the US was open to removing additional penalties, but the Treasury Department made clear that the sanctions relief did not indicate an overall policy change and more measures could come soon. 

Kyle updates the situation in Syria. The Syrian Kurds recently met with US officials and said Washington gave a firm commitment that US troops would remain in Syria. The occupation of some of Syria’s more profitable regions is causing suffering for average Syrians. Eventually, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will challenge the US in the eastern regions, potentially provoking clashes with American forces. The US effort to overthrow Assad in Syria is lost, and even American allies who took part in the prior regime change effort – such as Jordan – are reforging ties with Assad. 

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