US to Transfer Seized Russian Assets to Ukraine

US to Transfer Seized Russian Assets to Ukraine

The US government is preparing to hand Ukraine assets confiscated from Russian businessmen under a scheme proposed by the Biden administration last year, which aims to target the wealth of “oligarchs” and pass it on to Kiev.

News Roundup 1/9/2023

News Roundup 1/9/2023

Venezuela The Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC has followed up on the ouster of opposition figure Juan Guido, announcing that they will close the facility. AWC Russia The State Department on Thursday rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order for a...

News Roundup 1/9/2023

News Roundup 1/6/2023

Venezuela Venezuela’s opposition on Friday voted to remove Juan Guaido as the “interim president” and to dissolve the US-backed “interim government,” a move that came after resuming talks with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. AWC Venezuelan President Nicolas...

News Roundup 1/9/2023

News Roundup 12/22/2022

Russia Congress unveiled on Tuesday a massive $1.7 trillion omnibus funding bill that includes $45 billion in new Ukraine aid, which will bring total US spending on the war to about $112 billion. AWC Russia’s Foreign Ministry warned on Monday that Washington’s...



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