Haley’s Embarrassing Defense of the Gaza Massacre

Nikki Haley’s response to yesterday’s massacre in Gaza is to engage in whataboutism: https://twitter.com/CNNPolitics/status/996399797547470848 The Trump administration’s Iran obsession would almost be comical if it didn’t have such a dangerous distorting effect on our foreign policy. Iran’s actions in the region were not the subject of the meeting where Haley said this, and talking incessantly about Iran to avoid addressing the issue at hand has become a typical maneuver for Haley whenever U.S. clients commit some outrage that she would rather ignore. Whether she is busy whitewashing Saudi...

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Famine Continues to Stalk Yemen

Time is running out to avert massive famine in Yemen: Aid workers are in a “race against time” to prevent famine threatening millions of people in Yemen, a senior U.N. official said on Monday. “We have about three months of food stored inside the country today,” Ertharin Cousin, executive director of the World Food Programme, told reporters in Amman after a three-day visit to the war-torn country. “We do not have enough food to support the scale-up that is required to ensure that we can avoid a famine.” The WFP says that it urgently needs $460 million in funding to prevent the famine. That...

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Flynn’s Warped Worldview and Iran

A new article on Michael Flynn’s tenure as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency contains some worrisome details. This may be the most disturbing: "During a tense gathering of senior officials at an off-site retreat, he gave the assembled group a taste of his leadership philosophy, according to one person who attended the meeting and insisted on anonymity to discuss classified matters. Mr. Flynn said that the first thing everyone needed to know was that he was always right. His staff would know they were right, he said, when their views melded to his [bold mine-DL]. The room fell...

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The Case Against Mitt Romney for State

Frank Bruni makes the case for Romney as Secretary of State: "Over his own two presidential campaigns, Romney became ever more fluent in international issues, and he even showed some prescience, identifying Vladimir Putin’s Russia as a grave menace before other politicians woke up to that. He was ridiculed for dwelling in the past. Turns out he was living in the future." The idea that Romney “showed some prescience” in 2011-12 about Russia (or anything else) is silly revisionism, but I expect we’ll hear about it a lot if Trump ends up choosing him. Even granting that a stopped clock can be...

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