“This Time For Sure!”

"This Time For Sure!" “Character is fate, the Greeks believed. A hundred years of German philosophy went into the making of this decision in which the seed of self-destruction lay embedded, waiting for its hour. The voice was Schlieffen's but the hand was the hand of Fichte who saw the German people chosen by Providence [...]

The Christian Right and the “Fatal Embrace”

The Christian Right and the "Fatal Embrace" No, these aren't out-takes from a "Tommy Boy" sequel; they're snapshots of tomorrow's Christian conservative GOP leaders. (Tip of the sombrero to The Gaelic Starover.)It's ironic that Vladimir Lenin, notorious for the length and tedium of his pronouncements, coined what may be the world's briefest and most potent [...]

How the War will “Follow Us Home”

How the War will "Follow Us Home" Every other rationale for continuing the occupation of Iraq having failed, supporters of the war have taken refuge in what they believe to be an invincible thought-stopper: Iraq differs from Vietnam, because this time the enemy will “follow us home.” “After the war in Vietnam, we came home [...]

Toward Global Energy Fascism

Toward Global Energy Fascism In 2041 ... Switzerland joined the United Nations*, now a military alliance. What had once been merely a debating society during the twentieth century had turned by the rapprochement of the super powers into ... an active military and economic alliance. An alliance whose purpose ... was to ensure that the [...]

Submit, Or We’ll Kill You

Submit, Or We'll Kill You It must never be forgotten that every directive issued by the State and enforced by its agents is coupled with the threat of lethal violence against those who fail to comply. This principle applies to trivial infractions of petty ordinances, such as those dealing with pedestrian conduct and smoking. Consider [...]

How to Deal With Taxmen and Other Thieves

How to Deal With Taxmen and Other Thieves Carjacker Cuticello: Knocked flat on his, um, Cheney by a woman. He got off easy.Last night, a resident of New Haven, Connecticut was approached by C.J. Cuticello, a tax collector bent on seizing her car because of $536 in outstanding taxes and fees. According to the local [...]

Get The Cuffs, Ponch

Get The Cuffs, Ponch Like many women her age, my lovely wife Korrin harbored a rather substantial teenage crush on Erik Estrada. For six seasons the Puerto Rican-American television performer (calling him an “actor” would leave the truth with a severe contusion) essayed the role of a California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer saddled with the [...]

American Idolatry

American Idolatry The art of government is the organization of idolatry. The bureaucracy consists of functionaries; the aristocracy, of idols; the democracy, of idolaters. The populace cannot understand the bureaucracy: it can only worship the national idols. The savage bows down to idols of wood and stone: the civilized man to idols of flesh and [...]

The Soviet States of North America (Pt. I): Illegal Immigration — The Problem is the State

The Soviet States of North America (Pt. I): Illegal Immigration -- The Problem is the State The single biggest problem our nation faces, an acquaintance commented recently, was the presence of “20 million illegals [who are] killing our economy and culture.... 20 million more with amnesty would be the end of any America I want [...]


This Week At The Libertarian Institute

The Empire never sleeps – but neither do we. Missed a story? We got you covered. This week in review at the Libertarian Institute: News   June 24, 2022 – Senate Dems Press Biden to Investigate Killing of Palestinian-American Journalist Ahead of Israel Trip Senate...

News Roundup 6/24/2022

US News The State Department will pay employees who alleged they suffer from ‘Havana Syndrne’ six-figure payouts. State is making the payments in accordance with the HAVANA Act. [Link] Haiti At least eight prisoners died from starvation in a prison in Haiti. [Link]...

State Department ‘Illegally Obstructing’ Afghanistan Probes, Watchdog Says

The US government’s top oversight official for Afghanistan has accused the State Department and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) of stonewalling ongoing investigations, saying they have refused interviews with staff and even failed to provide “basic information” to assist the probes.


Week of Action on Yemen

Scott Horton and the Libertarian Party, among others, are whipping up support for a week of action to end US involvement in the Yemen War. And you can help. H.J. Res. 87 was introduced on May 31. The bill would "direct the removal of United States Armed Forces from...

Actually, Socialism IS When The Government Does Stuff

https://youtu.be/_-6CyEYetxM How is something to be owned by “the community as a whole?” Ownership means that you get to decide what is done with something. If you and I disagree on who gets to eat your apple, then whatever you decide will take precedence, because it...

The Scott Horton Show

6/17/22 Douglas Macgregor on the Lies Getting Ukrainians Killed

 Download Episode. Scott is joined by retired Col. Douglas Macgregor to discuss an article he wrote about the war in Ukraine. Macgregor points to the lies that got us into a situation earlier this year where a Russian invasion was inevitable and the lies that are...

Conflicts of Interest

Don't Tread on Anyone

6 Progressive Myths About History (w/ Lawrence W. Reed)

https://youtu.be/HsXj83JNUb4 In May 1939, Treasury Secretary Henry J. Morgenthau Jr., one of Franklin Roosevelt's best friends, testified before the House Ways and Means Committee: "I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as...

10 “Pro-Choice” Arguments – DEBUNKED (w/ Kristan Hawkins)

https://youtu.be/vgo8Uys-Xs4 The glory of the human race is the uniqueness of each individual, the fact that every person, though similar in many ways to others, possesses a completely individuated personality of his own. It is the fact of each person’s uniqueness —...

Liberty Weekly Podcast

National Review Senior Editor Turns Rothbardian Ep. 220

https://youtu.be/sJXF9jgj1L4 Managing Editor of the Libertarian Institute and longtime friend and guest of the show Keith Knight joins me in this week's episode to review an article by Joseph Sobran. Sobran was the Senior Editor of the National Review, but questioned...

Patrick MacFarlane on the Hrvoje Moric Show Ep. 219

https://youtu.be/yI1ND-TJR8g This week's episode is a mirror of my recent appearance on the Hrvoje Moric Show on Tnt Radio. We discuss the war in Ukraine, China, and the brave new world we are sleepwalking into. Hrvoje is the host of Geopolitics and Empire Podcast....

Empire of Death: America’s Moral Bankruptcy Ep. 218

https://youtu.be/7yZEk73JdVo In this episode, I take a deeper dive on my latest editorial up at the Libertarian Institute, share my experience at Chillderburg, introduce my new newsletter website, and thank several outlets that have started reprinting my Libertarian...

An Economic Reckoning ft. Clint Russell Ep. 217

https://youtu.be/B4rBZcugFw0 Clint Russell joins me in this week’s episode of Liberty Weekly. Clint is the host of Liberty Lockdown, a podcast that took the liberty scene by storm during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Before Clint launched Liberty Lockdown, he was a private...

Year Zero

A Deep Dive w/Monica Perez

Monica Perez joined me for an in depth conversation on culture, religion, ESG, WEF, the future, and how the 21st Century is different than the 20th Century. Monica Twitter Discord Libertarian Institute 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate...

Love and Fear w/Courtenay Turner

Courtenay and I talk ESG, intentional communities, motivations, elites, and the future. Courtenay Twitter Courtenay Turner Podcast Discord Libertarian Institute 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate Patreon...

Shadowy Figures Surrounding 9/11 w/Adam Fitzgerald

Adam Fitzgerald joined me to discuss the less talked about aspects of 9/11. We spent most of our time discussing the characters involved and around the event. We could have gone for hours on this subject, but as you will hear, I hit a wall at the 2 hour mark. Adam...

A Conversation with Patrick MacFarlane

Patrick joined me again. In this episode we discuss Ukraine Russia, China, culture, democrats, republicans, and traditional family. Liberty Weekly Discord Libertarian Institute 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate Patreon...

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