Bloomberg on Why Guns Are Good For Him, Not You

Because unlike you, he's a big important man: Michael Bloomberg is ENDED by a citizen on gun control:"You have an armed security detail that is likely equipped with the same firearms and magazines you seek to ban the common citizen from owning. Does your life matter...

Russiagate 20.20

Russiagate 20.20

On FPF #457, I discuss the deep state is rolling out Russiagate for the 2020 election. Now Trump and Bernie have been accused of receiving Russian support in this election cycle. Just like in the first Russiagate, no one has presented evidence of the alleged Russian...

The 2020 War Bill

The 2020 War Bill

On FPF #430, I discuss the 2020 NDAA. The bill is filled with funding and approval for more war. An earlier version of the bill actually provided some limitations on the president's war-making powers. However, it was stripped out during the conference committee. I...

2020 Libertarian Party Stuff Will Not Be Covered Here

Because the Institute is a 501c3 and I have a conflict in that I am an unpaid adviser to Jacob Hornberger's campaign for president. So any interviews about this will have to be found at scotthorton.org/interviews and writings at scotthorton.org/stress.


Oh my God. I can't catch my breath. I am about to laugh myself into a coronary, whatever that is. Clinton says she is being urged by ‘many, many, many people’ to run in 2020 “Look, I think all the time about what kind of president I would’ve been and what I would’ve...

Hilarity Rules D.C.

The Democratic Party elites are "anxious." They assume that Trump, the clearly very bad in many ways, but in their eyes worst, most treacherous, traitorist, racist, Nazi scum to ever come anywhere near the presidency, and whom they're in the middle of impeaching, is...



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