News Roundup 3/29/2022

News Roundup 3/29/2022

US News The Department of Justice is seeking $34 million to hire over 100 prosecutors for 1/6 cases. [Link] The Space Force is seeking to increase its budget by 40%. [Link] The US will integrate space and cyber capabilities with Australia. [Link] The new Pentagon...

News Roundup 3/29/2022

News Roundup 3/28/2022

US News The Supreme Court removes a lower counts ruling that prohibited the Pentagon from altering the deployment of unvaccinated Navy SEALs. [Link] The Biden administration will request an $813 billion war budget in 2023. [Link] Russia Australia sanctions the...

News Roundup 3/29/2022

News Roundup 3/22/2022

Russia Four Marines died during NATO drills in Norway. [Link] Russia tells the US that Moscow-Washington relations are on the verge of breaking. [Link] Rep. Liz Cheney says chemical weapons should be a redline for NATO intervention in Ukraine. [Link] The US Ambassador...

News Roundup 3/29/2022

News Roundup 3/8/2022

US News The Biden administration is pushing the Supreme Court to allow the Pentagon to enforce its vaccine mandate for Navy Seals. [Link] The Pentagon extends the deployment of National Guards soldiers in DC through Wednesday. [Link] The Idaho National Guard will...

News Roundup 3/29/2022

News Roundup 2/1/2022

Covid Moderna receives full approval for its covid vaccine. [Link] The US donates 200,000 covid vaccine doses to the West Bank and Gaza. [Link] The US donates ten million Pfizer covid vaccine doses to Bangladesh through Covax. [Link] US News A leaked copy of Biden's...

Novak Djokovic Is All of Our Future

Novak Djokovic Is All of Our Future

When I’ve talked in the past about the patchwork tyranny post COVID-9/11, I had more mundane things in mind than the fate of a major tennis star. Novak Djokovic was deported from Australia on Sunday after his appeal to reinstate his visa failed. And it failed not for...



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