Border Patrol

Texas Cops v. Journalism

Reason: In April 2017, [Priscilla] Villarreal, who reports near the U.S.-Mexico border, broke a story about a Border Patrol agent who committed suicide. A month later, she released the surname of a family involved in a fatal car accident. The agency that confirmed...

News Roundup 6/5/20

News Roundup 6/5/20

George Floyd Protests Minneapolis is considering a number of proposals to restructure the city’s police force including stripping money from the police. Another proposal called for disbanding the police. [Link] Customs and Border Patrol used an unarmed Predator drone...

News Roundup 9/19/18

The Space Force will cost $13 billion over the first five years. [Link] The US will not permit Canadians who work in the legal marijuana industry to enter the US. Customs and Border Patrol plan to continue to enforce marijuana laws forcefully. [Link] Trump imposes new...



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Israel Winner of the 2003 Iraq Oil War

Israel Winner of the 2003 Iraq Oil War

From the Foreword by Lawrence B. Wilkerson: “[T]he debate over whether oil was a principal reason for the 2003 invasion has waxed and waned, with one camp arguing that it absolutely was, while the other argues the precise opposite.” “Mr. Vogler, himself a former...

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