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News Roundup 8/3/20

News Roundup 8/3/20

US News On Friday, the Trump administration signaled TikTok would be banned. However, Microsoft is in plans to buy the US version of TikTok. Facebook is set to launch its own version of TikTok. [Link] Trump tweets Homeland Security will not leave Portland until local...

News Roundup 8/3/20

News Roundup 7/28/20

US News The second Covid stimulus will be at least $1 trillion. [Link] Over the past eight years, Rite Aid has installed cameras equipped with facial recognition software in 200 of its stores. The facial recognition software is tied to the Chinese government. [Link]...

News Roundup 8/3/20

News Roundup 3/17/20

US News The primaries in Ohio, Georgia, and Louisiana have been postponed due to coronavirus. The primaries in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona will be held today. [Link]The Senate passes a bill that will extend the life of three mass surveillance programs - including...

News Roundup 8/3/20

News Roundup 2/7/20

US News Police officers hired 118 handymen then charged them with working without a license. [Link] Congress is investigating three fatal incidents that killed 17 US service members in 2017 and 2018. ProPublica investigations found that the deaths occurred because of...

Greenwald Interviewed on His Charges

In The New Yorker: The case against you relies in part on the claim that you helped in “facilitating the commission of a crime.” Did you do anything to encourage the hacking of cell phones or other devices? No. In fact, when the source first talked to me, he had...

News Roundup 8/3/20

News Roundup 1/22/20

US News Illinois changes a law that suspended driver's licenses for unpaid parking tickets. [Link] Reports say Trump will add seven countries to his travel ban list. [Link] Iranian students with valid visas are being detained when they get to the US and some of them...

Glenn Greenwald Charged With Cybercrimes in Brazil

Breaking in the New York Times. Note that this is the same as Trump's case against Julian Assange: The recipient and publisher of a leak is a co-conspirator with whoever did the leaking. It's a war against honesty in language first and foremost, and it's a threat to...



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