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Is The EU A Federal State?

Is The EU A Federal State?

In 1776 the Kingdom of Great Britain saw the Thirteen Colonies in America announce their Independence. At stake was the question of sovereignty. In 2016 the United Kingdom declared its independence from the EU. At stake is the question of sovereignty. Ironies of...

News Roundup 2/20/19

US Heather Nauert withdraws her nomination to be US Ambassador to the UN. [Link] The 9/11 Victims Fund cuts payouts by 70%. [Link] 12 TSA employees are charged with smuggling over $100 million in cocaine. [Link] The Pentagon will buy up to 80 F-15Xs because of the...

News Roundup 7/13/18

Trump says the US commitment to NATO remains very strong. [Link] Trump says the UK Prime Minister's Brexit plan will prevent a US/UK trade deal. [Link] A US service member was killed in Afghanistan. [Link] Heavy fighting broke out in Afghanistan on Wednesday. About 80...

News Roundup 7/10/18

VA facilities in Ohio lost $1.1 million in medical equipment over three years. [Link] Adam Johnson explains how the media's coverage of terror plots foiled by the FBI create unnecessary fear. [Link] A pregnant woman says she was put in jail for driving with a...

News Roundup 6/19/17

Under Trump, the US is dropping 20% more bombs in Iraq and Syria. [Link] All seven sailors who went missing after a USS destroyer collided with a cargo ship have been found dead. [Link] Over 1,000 people in Europe have been arrested for suspicion of terrorism in 2017....

News Roundup 3/15/17

Donald Trump gave the CIA authority to carry out drone strikes against suspected militants. [Link] Trump has given the Pentagon authority to carry out counterterrorism missions in Yemen without seeking case-by-case approval. [Link] Donal Trump met with Saudi Arabia's...

News Roundup 2/9/17

Trump sends a letter to Chinese President Xi. The letter said Trump is seeking a constructive relationship with China. [Link] The Trump Administration is considering labeling a branch of the Iranian military as a terrorist organization. [Link] Jeff Sessions was...

The Peril of American Empire

It’s 2016, and our liberties are threatened more than ever. We’ve seen more sporadic terrorist attacks in the last seven months than in any given year, the Middle East is in a geopolitical mess, and we haven’t been closer to nuclear conflict since the collapse of the...



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