9/11 Deep Dive Pt 5: Anomalies w/Adam Fitzgerald

9/11 Deep Dive Pt 5: Anomalies w/Adam Fitzgerald

Adam Fitzgerald, one of the top investigative journalists on 9/11, joins me again. Today we dig into anomalies around 9/11 and I curse Phillip Mudd. The Darkened Hour Discord Libertarian Institute 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Fox N Sons...

RIP Michael Badnarik

I am told this morning that Michael Badnarik died in his sleep of heart failure last night. Michael was a great believer in and defender of freedom and the United States of America and its Constitution. He represented the Libertarian Party as presidential candidate...

Is Virtue Signaling Vicious?

Is Virtue Signaling Vicious?

Virtue signaling—the practice of highlighting what one takes to be one’s own moral superiority, often by loudly denouncing the character and comportment, including the speech, of other people—has become a dominant mode of rhetoric throughout social media and network...

War On Cops!

Another poor little victim police officer faked the story of his "ambush." FTP: "Apparently, the deputy went so far as to hit himself in the head to fake the attack and was even hospitalized. Amazingly enough, it only took the department 24 hours to realize Dooley was...



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