Afghanistan’s Competing Presidents

Afghanistan’s Competing Presidents

On FPF #463, I discuss the political instability caused by two different men claiming to be president. Incumbent Ashraf Ghani and his former Cheif Executive Abdullah Abdullah have both claimed victory in an election that happened in September. They exploit the rampant...

See, That’s How They Getchya.

Cops are crazy-violent as hell, so we need them to wear body-cameras. Watch them turn the cameras off in the middle of violating innocent people. But then, ... Oh, so you like body-cameras on cops, eh? Well now you've just lost even more freedom than before.

This is your security force

A Police Officer Was Caught On His Body Camera Allegedly Fondling A Dead Woman's Breasts The incident occurred when the officer, who has not been identified, and his partner were responding to a call about a possible dead woman in a residential unit, the Los Angeles...

Texas Poised To Ban All Red Light Cameras

No f---ing way. Really? Rad. Across the country different jurisdictions -- not sure about Texas, but wouldn't be surprised -- have been caught shortening yellow light times to increase revenue. Which is simply murder. Score one against the technopoly. Update: Oy....

A World Apart

“I love you Daddy” she held his hand firmly, he kissed her cheek before he let her go.  As he left the house he took a moment to compose his uniform. The drive was not long, he travelled for over thirty minutes to the base. Once inside he received his briefing and...



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Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty

Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty

Americans today have “freedom” to be fleeced, groped, injected, harassed, surveilled, vilified, disarmed, beaten, detained, and maybe shot by federal agents. From hapless homeowners hit by SWAT raids to pandemic lockdowns pointlessly paralyzing lives, government...

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