Doug Bandow

Announcing a New Arms Race guest Will Porter

The Syrian War Drags On

On FPF #374, I discuss the Syrian War. The war crawls on as regional and global powers via to assert their influence in Syria. I update the ongoing battles in Syria and the geopolitical conflicts prolonging the war. The UK recently seized an Iranian oil tanker and...

Mueller Report: Reaction Vs. Reality

Mueller Report: Reaction Vs. Reality

On FPF #339, I discuss the Mueller Report. #Russiagate's true believers saw the report as a vindication of their false narrative; I debunk many of their claims. I break down the best analysis of the Mueller Report, showing it for what it really is. I update Trump's...

The Impact of War

George O'Neill Jr. of the Committee for a Responsible Foreign Policy has been hosting antiwar events in Washington, D.C. for the past couple of years, including one last October when I gave a speech about the war on terrorism. The transcripts of all these events are...

Mueller Report: Reaction Vs. Reality

Trump’s Swamp

On FPF #333, I discuss Trump's dive into the swamp. 14 of Trump's ambassador nominations made significant donations to Trump's inauguration fund. Some of the nominations have been important posts such as Iceland and the UAE. On the campaign, Trump criticized NATO as...



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