Drone strike

New Pentagon Office Has Orwellian Name

New Pentagon Office Has Orwellian Name

Washington's official propaganda outlet Voice of America reports on the new Orwellian named Pentagon agency tasked with reducing civilian deaths. The "Civilian Protection Center of Excellence" will receive a tiny fraction of the Pentagon's $800 billion budget. The...

News Roundup 3/18/21

News Roundup 3/18/21

US News A New Hampshire town is evicting 25 people from their homes because they are ‘tiny homes.’ [Link] A North Korean diplomat said the US effort to reach out for talks was a “cheap trick” and North Korea would not engage with the US until the hostile policy was...

Massive Explosion Escalates Lebanon Protests

War Under the Cover of Coronavirus

On FPF #474, I discuss the US moving towards war with Iran under the cover of Coronavirus. Trump took to Twitter to threaten Iran if an attack is carried out against American forces in Iraq. Trump's Tweet creates a situation that means any attack in Iraq - with Iran's...

Operation Victory From Allah

The Yemen Houthi cross-border attack against Saudi forces was a well planned and executed operation as described in the video below posted by Nasser Arrybee.  The Yemen Houthi used 10 ballistic missiles against the coalition air base which prevented the coalition...

Israeli Defense Forces New Strategy To Combat Hezbollah

Israeli Defense Forces are on high alert after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened retaliation after Israeli drone strikes in Southern Lebanon. “I say to the Israeli army on the border from tonight, stand guard (on high alert). Wait for us one, two, three,...

News Roundup 11/15/18

Troops deployed to the southern border are living in poor conditions. [Link] A ceasefire takes hold in Gaza. [Link] Israel’s Defense Minister resigns over the Israeli government's accepting a ceasefire with Hamas. [Link] US airstrikes kill at least 22 Syrian...

News Roundup 3/27/18

Trump expels 60 Russian diplomats from the US for Russia's alleged role in the UK nerve agent attack. [Link] 21 other countries will join the US and expel at least one diplomat. [Link] The father of the Pulse Nightclub shooter was an FBI informant from 2005-2016....



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