Edward Snowden

The Fake Whistleblower

Matt Tiabbi sets the record straight.  Who are the real whistleblowers?  They are people sitting in prison.  People that have had their lives destroyed.  What they are not is people that are protected by the so-called intelligence community. The unnamed person at the...

News Roundup 9/18/19

News Roundup 9/18/19

US News The US will attempt to steal all the money Edward Snowden makes on his new book. [Link] The US sanctions three people and 16 groups in Venezuela. The sanctions allegedly target people and groups stealing from food aid. [Link] Colombia is being pushed by the US...

News Roundup 6/21/17

Ron Paul hosts Edward Snowden on the Liberty Report. [Link] The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote on a new AUMF on Thursday. [Link] A US surveillance jet and a Russia fighter jet come within five feet of each other over the Baltic Sea. [Link] The US flew...

The Perfect Squelch from Edward Snowden

You’ve heard it said by statists many times, “Why do you care about the government snooping on you if you’re not doing anything wrong?” It’s hard to top Snowden’s response: “Arguing that you don’t care about free speech, because you have nothing to hide; arguing that...



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