News Roundup 1/13/21

News Roundup 1/13/21

US News Former governor Rick Snyder is expected to be charged for his role in the Flint water crisis. [Link] US Amb to the UN Kelly Craft canceled her trip to Taiwan as a part of the State Department canceling all trips during the transition. [Link] The CIA releases a...

Exile For James Comey

Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Brennan, Clapper, Mueller, Rosenstein, Weissman and all their families should be stripped of their property and banished from the United States of America forever for their treason against the American people and U.S. Constitution. (Don't...



The Libertarian Institute's Oklahoma City Bombing Archive  curated by Richard BoothDocuments Explore the ArchiveSort by Category J.D. Cash's Articles & Notes News Reports Magazine Articles Transcripts: News & Radio Documents: Affidavits McVeigh Trial...

News Roundup 12/10/19

News Roundup 12/10/19

US News  Rep. Duncan Hunter says he will resign after the holidays. [Link] US immigration has separated 1,100 children from their parents since the summer of 2018 when a judge ordered the Trump admin to stop separating children from parents. [Link] The FBI IG releases...

News Roundup 7/15/19

News Roundup 7/15/19

US News  Sources say Trump is close to removing Dan Coats as Director of National Intelligence. [Link]  A Florida police officer has been fired for repeatedly punching a handcuffed man in the face. [Link] The police officer who murdered unarmed Daniel Shaver has been...

News Roundup 1/7/19

US News Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke resigns. [Link] A new lawsuit challenges Arkansas anti-BDS law. The law requires all private companies that do business with the state to sign an agreement not to boycott Israel. [Link] Heavily redacted documents released under an...

News Roundup 2/16/18

The State Department Spokeswoman says she will be surprised if the US does not add new sanctions on Russia. [Link] The US senior diplomat to Asia says the US has no planned "bloody nose" strike on North Korea. [Link] The US will waste billions of dollars upgrading...



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