Walter Jones Interviews

The great antiwar Republican Walter Jones died last Sunday. Eric Garris has a write up at AWC. KelleyVlahos and Jim Antle give him a nice send off over at TAC. For the record, here are my five interviews of him. And here Ron Paul and Dan McAdams give their man his due...

The Abolitionists Were Alright Dudes

I wrote an article today about the topic of moral philosophy.  My featured image shows William Lloyd Garrison, the famous firebrand abolitionist. I've seen many in the libertarian orbit come down hard on Garrison as part of the broad revisionism that we do, in this...

News Roundup 11/3/17

Trump says NYC attacker should get the death penalty. [Link] Trump will nominate Jay Powell to be the next FED chairman. [Link] Twitter hid 48% of tweets that included #DNCLeaks. [Link] Facebook and YouTube deleting user-uploaded content is destroying the only copies...

News Roundup 5/19/17

Ray McGovern explains former FBI Director Mueller's love for mass data collection. [Link] Only 6% of those arrested by ICE since Trump took office are convicted violent criminals. [Link] Philippines President Duterte has imposed a countrywide ban on public smoking....

I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This So another new Star Wars movie comes out in a couple of months, Rogue One. So far so good. I even like the Star Wars movies I don't like, so even though it's this weird just-before Episode IV prequel-thing, and even though I...



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