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Whose Libertarian Party?

This last weekend, the Mises Caucus, a coalition within the Libertarian Party, was elected to all national positions within the party.

For some, Mises control caused consternation:

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Aaron Ross Powell is a research fellow at the Cato Institute, a premier libertarian think tank.

For others, jubilation:

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Clint Russell is a podcaster that grew his audience to 3.5 times Powell’s in a little over a year, primarily via anti-lockdown/COVID content.

This article will explore the underlying dynamics of why this has happened and where the Libertarian Party can go from here.

The Two Types of Libertarian

Let’s look at two archetypes of a Libertarian. But before we do that, a quick aside on ethics and cognition.

Some Libertarians believe that it is rationality that caused them to adopt their beliefs. My view is that while logic may have played a role, the evidence is strong that humans have rather innate ethical intuitions, and mostly use reason to justify them. Occasionally, reason can be used to overrule our intuitions, but this is difficult and rare. For a longer exposition on this idea, explore the work of Jonathan Haidt. For a succinct example, consider how great everyone thinks their arguments on abortion are and how rarely they actually change anyone’s mind.

A compassionate Libertarian holds an ethical impulse oriented towards equality, egalitarianism, and tolerance. They were attracted to Libertarian philosophy because free markets really do make everyone better off. They are big on immigration because they see many people worse-off that could have a much better life in America. They are nearly universally socially progressive and place primacy on social issues like sex work and LGBTQ rights because they see these as minority groups that are suffering injustice or harm. This archetype opposed the Mises Caucus.

An individualistic Libertarian holds an ethical impulse towards personal freedom and against authority. They were attracted to Libertarian philosophy because they find the state deontologically evil in how it exerts itself. They cared a lot about mask mandates because the idea of state violence being used to stop something as basic as seeing each other’s faces felt viscerally wrong. They love free markets, but care more about free markets because of how they will personally benefit. They may or may not be socially progressive, but even the progressive ones are unlikely to place primacy on social issues. This archetype supported the Mises Caucus.

The quintessential compassionate Libertarian is an economist that likes to talk about how open borders would triple American GDP. The quintessential individualistic Libertarian is a small-scale entrepreneur or trade-worker that likes to chant “end the Fed.”

These are not exclusive categories; any given Libertarian may be 20% of one group and 80% of the other. Either way, compassionate Libertarians used to control the Libertarian Party, but individualistic ones took it over.

The Cause of the Divide

Of the Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians, the Libertarians are the most likely ones to believe that politics is about policy. This belief is humorous because despite the divide between the two sides getting so heated, there aren’t that many policy matters the two groups actually disagree on! Both groups want to end every war, substantially cut taxes, have unfettered trade, end the drug war, etc.

While there are some matters of policy disagreement, the actual cause of the divide is about what is emphasized by the Party and how that will be perceived by others, particularly others close to them.

Compassionate Libertarians are more likely to be found working white-collar jobs in larger companies. When the Party says something that many people disagree with, they get concerned about how they will be judged by the people that know they are a Libertarian. So compassionate Libertarians tend not to like messages like this one:

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Individualistic Libertarians were less likely to have a problem with this, either because they have a disposition that is more tolerant to saying things that are true but unpopular, or because they have a life position where they are less affected. On the other hand, individualistic Libertarians tend to not like messages like this one.

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Individualistic Libertarians disliked this tweet because they saw it as pandering, ineffective, and unrepresentative of what Libertarians believe. Compassionate Libertarians liked this tweet, because they saw it as making their political philosophy more socially acceptable.

Finally, one repeated criticism I’ve seen of the Mises camp is that they just want to be edgy, but I think this is false. They may be slightly more edgy for the reasons described above, but what is edgy is just as much driven by the milieu of each camp.

Where Libertarians Can Go

Many people in both camps of Libertarians feel that the other camp can’t be worked with. I’d like us to try to be exceptional and use our logic to overwhelm that impulse. Political parties succeed when they allow different coalitions to work together to achieve success.

My strongest request is that both camps recognize that there are people with vastly different personalities and dispositions that want similar political changes. If we can’t work with people so close to us on actual policy preferences, we have no hope of ever achieving them.

For the individualist libertarians, my requests are:

  1. Be humble in your victory and attempt to rebuild relationships that may have been damaged over the last year. You are the victor, it’s your job to be magnanimous.
  2. Appreciate that even the libertarians you regard as blue-pilled or soft are on your side and are frequently doing strong intellectual work that backs up the ideas you know are true.
  3. Accept and encourage the inclusion of at least some messaging appeals to the other camp. Even if you regard it as cringe and definitely not based.
  4. Work as hard as you can to make the Libertarian Party larger and more effective than it ever has been. Otherwise, you will be regarded as failures.

For the compassionate libertarians, my requests are:

  1. Accept that your loss happened. At least give the new group in control a chance to succeed before publicly attacking.
  2. Appreciate that even the libertarians who you may regard as crude, conspiratorial, or insensitive mostly want the same things you do. And that there are a lot of these people.
  3. Accept that there may be messaging from the new party that you don’t love. Focus on amplifying the messaging you do agree with. Attempt to show the messaging you prefer works better and complain privately if you’re not getting it.
  4. Assuming you meet request one, do not leave the Party. Work to recruit more people who agree with you or to convert those in the Party to your camp, because it’s important both camps are represented.

There’s no force on earth that can stop an idea whose time has come, except for ourselves.

So Much For A ‘National Healing’

We were told the nation was in desperate need of “healing” because a large portion of the population wanted Donald Trump to “lead” the country. And if you believe that the “national healing would begin” because the “adults” are in the White House…well, you’re a dupe. The response by the corporate press and their supporters to the first freeze to happen in Texas in decades should put to rest any thoughts that the elites, especially the journalists, desire unity. Mass power outages were experienced throughout Texas and the establishment didn’t even attempt to hide their joy.

The situation many Texans faced over that week couldn’t be because freezes like this are so rare in Texas that the grid is not designed to handle the overload in demand or the freezing of its physical infrastructure. No, that can’t be it. The only reason millions of “bumbling hicks” were forced to endure power outages is because so many of them believe CNN and MSNBC are “fake news” and this belief caused them to vote for Trump. It’s amazing to me that a segment of the population that is so anti-religion adopts such a “wrath of God” or “Karma’s a bitch” stance so often when it comes to their adversaries.

I know many people who live in Texas and have been in constant contact with them. Thankfully they’re fine. But, was I shocked by this incident? As someone who lived through “Snowmageddon” in Atlanta in 2014, the answer to that is…hardly. In that year Atlanta was shut down by two inches of snow. Seriously, look it up. The snow started in the middle of the work day – roughly 11:30 AM EST – at which time school buses were loaded to take kids home and everyone left work. If you are at all familiar with Atlanta traffic, on a normal day we do not need multiple accidents to experience the second worst commute in the United States. It’s just every day congestion. Now, imagine everyone within the city limits and surrounding areas leaving work at the same time. Add in two inches of snow which many people are not used to driving in and it was like a scene from The Walking Dead. People slept in their cars on the freeways and side streets, with many not able to get home for 24 hours. And guess what? The coastal elites went to social media and their news outlets to talk about what a bunch of hicks we were.

Why did Snowmageddon happen? It was a perfect storm of events that all occurred at once. If the storm had occurred at 3 AM, the majority of people would’ve been peacefully sleeping and the number of people trapped in cars would’ve been minimal. Atlanta wasn’t prepared because what happened during Snowmageddon had never before occurred. Apply that “not the norm” occurrence to the freeze in Texas and you have your answer to the state’s recent problems. Atlanta now has snow plows, but more importantly, schools close and businesses are asked to not open if there’s a threat of a midday snow storm. I expect the freeze in Texas will cause the local and state governments there to have similar plans in place so that the power outages, with all the associated impacts, will not occur in the future. Or they’ll devise some scheme that will mitigate how widespread the outages will be.

Even if they don’t construct a plan for the future, the fact that the “enemy class” is using the freeze as an opportunity for ad hominem attacks against Texans should tell you everything you need to know about their so-called plans to “heal the divides.” If anything, I expect the attacks to escalate and hope they do. Popcorn futures are booming!

2020 – The Longest Year of My Life In Review

A Requiem on Facts 

If you’ve ever heard me share my “origin story” you know that it’s a pretty common story for many. I was watching a 2007 presidential debate and this guy I had never heard of before, in the middle of the “War on Terror,” states plainly that the reason the terrorists hate America is because “our” government is over there and has been bombing them for decades. And this was in the middle of the “War on Terror.” Every candidate on the stage took umbrage with that and “Mayor 9/11,” Rudy Giuliani. went so far as to demand this heretic take it back. The man who was brave enough to make that statement, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, said that even the CIA agreed and used the term “blowback” to describe the phenomena. That FACT was ignored but Congressman Paul stuck to his guns. That wasn’t the first time I noticed politicians, rulers, and/or experts making up their own “facts” but having these “leaders” blatantly ignore the truth on a national stage was such a pivotal moment in my life that it stuck with me. Now I see this ignorance several times a day. It is the default. 

In March of this year, 2020, it was clear to me that the overwhelming majority of the American public’s response to the government mandates in relation to Covid 19 was, “tyranny accepted.” After March 15th most of the world was on “house arrest.” Prior to this, in December 2019 and January 2020, I had done episodes with Mises.org editor Ryan McMaken in which we highlighted the decentralized canton system of Switzerland as the model of liberty for the future. I put out an announcement on Twitter that if anyone following me lived in Switzerland I wanted to talk to them about that structure and what daily life was like. On March 19th I spoke to a listener who lives in Zurich and he informed me that the COUNTRY was on a hard lockdown from March 17th through April 17th. So much for my “utopia” of decentralization within a country. 

On March 27th, a few days before I heard the term used in public, I referred to CV19 as the “Invisible Enemy” on an episode of my podcast with Vin Armani. At that point I started comparing the government’s response to that of 9/11 and stated that CV19 would be more damaging to individual liberty, and the culture in general. Almost ten months later most people agree. 

Sticking with comments made on that March 27th episode, Vin and I talked about how the corporate media was filled with “reports” of asymptomatic “super-spreaders” and that they were the biggest threat to the public. I read that message as “your neighbor may show no signs of being sick BUT it’s better to be SAFE.” “Safety” would become the word “de l’année.” Those of us who asked for evidence of these “typhoid Marys” were met with accusations of “science denial,” a term easily co-opted from the “climate change” cult. 

At this point, information that would turn out to be complete bunk was becoming so “viral” so fast, it was obvious that even local and state politicians found themselves “reacting.” I mentioned in the article I wrote, “I Made A Lot of Mistakes This Year,” that most of these mistakes were committed while reacting to information. All of this misinformation released to the public at once gave birth to the “Karen Meme.” People became snitches. Factions were created. People’s attitude towards the government’s mandates in relation to the virus seemed to be drawn down party lives. The Karen Meme soon burned out as it became the norm and not the outlier. Memes BECAME reality. It was at this time I started to notice apathy and defeat in people’s language and actions. It happened very quickly. The language that was being used was bleak. 

 Time Stands Still 

One thing that became clear to me then was that the information zeitgeist was being bombarded with memetics. Long-term individual unemployment was being spoken of casually in the corporate media. The term “essential worker” was not yet viewed as a slur to most and the fact that liquor store employees were included in that group was yet to be questioned. This new paradigm was still very new and people seemed to be punch-drunk by what was happening. Taking into consideration everything I was absorbing; I began to talk about how this was going to be the perfect opportunity for a trial run on Universal Basic Income. When examining long-term unemployment combined with a society 2 paychecks from being homeless, it just made sense UBI would be rolled out as at least a temporary measure.  

Recognizing that we were in the midst of a “health crisis,” I imagined I was someone who wanted to implement single-payer healthcare. As with UBI, I couldn’t envision a more opportune time and am honestly floored a real push hasn’t been made on that front. With an incoming left of center neo-liberal White House, I believe those cards are now fully on the table and the deck may be stacked.   

Returning to people’s reactions at the end of March, it appeared to me that people were in denial and may have advanced all the way to the “acceptance” stage in a matter of a few weeks. There was not a protest to be found. Most people had become docile prisoners in their own homes. The right to “free speech” AND “assembly” were under attack yet, with the exception of a rare few, no one was asking whether this was helpful, or more importantly, how harmful this was going to be.  

Another phenomena people have forgotten was time appeared to stand still.  But was it that? Or was it enormous changes happening in such a short period of time that it felt as such? People were discovering a routine in which the only constant was “sheltering in place” and other actions dressed in dystopian language. The idea of the “panopticon,” where everyone has to be in a position to be monitored was something I mentioned often. Remember, anyone could be infected. We were experiencing our own version of the Salem With Trials except it was the “invisible demon” that could attack at any time. Whenever I looked at Anthony Fauci, I imagined Cotton Mather.   

 The ‘High Priests’ Enter the Game 

I previously mentioned the idea of the panopticon; a prison in which the jailers can see every corner of the structure but prisoners only get a piece of the picture. By the end of March to the middle of April, it became clear to me, and others who may not have recognized it in the past, that we were finally getting the “police state” many of us had been warning of. The veil was lifted and the coming riots – more to be said on that later – helped the scales to finally fall off many an authority-worshiper’s eyes. When Victor Orban declared one man rule in Hungary around this time my Spidey-senses” began to go haywire. I couldn’t help but think that if that happened here, most of the West would be lost, as well as the Far East. 

The myth of “tragedy brings people of differing political opinions together” was shattered right from the start of the government’s response. After 9/11 it lasted roughly a week, which was shocking. No such reprieve was found in this “crisis.” If there is anyone left who believes there is one united culture in this society after witnessing 2020, they’re beyond hope. We are a house divided and we will not stand. The sooner people embrace this, the faster we can start embracing alternatives. 

It was in the middle to the end of April when mandatory vaccinations and tracking (tracing) entered into the daily conversation. “It’s the only way we can get back to normal” was the message. Many people were genuinely excited about the prospects of a vaccine. Contact tracing software started showing up on people’s phones. I noticed you could turn off the notifications, but not the software. 

At this point I started saying that science and medicine were dead. Everything coming from the “experts” in “the Cathedral” were obvious guesses, but these “chosen ones” were not to be questioned. They had achieved “High Priest” status and only they had the ability to interpret these events. “Only our priests speak the truth, the heretics on YouTube must be excommunicated.” This was when my friend Vin Armani started to say we had entered “The Dim Age.” It was a perfect descriptor to me as my maternal grandmother would call people she didn’t consider to be of even average intelligence, dim. It resonated and still does.  

Technocracy became unstoppable. They had their “experts” in place as the “Holy” class, the software to surveil us, and the police to enforce it. And the people weren’t noticing. Most still don’t, even ones who claim to be about liberty. Instantaneous global communication enables all of this. One may ask, “where is the grand puppeteer?” Where indeed?! 

 The Exodus Begins 

Again, where is the “Grand Puppeteer?” So much of what we saw in response to Covid 19 seemed planned (yes, I know, Event 201). But there were “symptoms” that few could’ve predicted. 

In April, we saw de facto borders return to the European Union. The EU was set up to remove boundaries between countries but the response of the participating governments reversed that. In the United States, Florida set up check points at its northern border to stop people from New York and Louisiana from entering. Mises.org editor Ryan McMaken received flak for an article he had written prior to this explaining why open borders between the states may be a bad idea. I had him on my podcast after the Florida Border incident to chuckle at his prescience. That individual states were handling the “pandemic” differently had to make hardcore federalists laugh. 

The concept of the “Covid-Exodus” started to become a reality. Still in April, my friend Vin Armani abandoned California for Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands. I began receiving reports out of NYC of masses of people moving out. So many were fleeing the city that there were long waiting lists for moving vans. Crossing over into May, the most popular podcaster in the world, Joe Rogan, began openly talking about moving out of California and sans hyperbole began referring to its Governor, Gavin Newsom, as a dictator. When people start uprooting, one must consider that others will finally begin to see the rise in totalitarianism. A noticeable problem is that most of the people from the last generation able to recognize this rise in totalitarianism have died off. There are very few still alive who can see the warning signs. To quote Plato: 

“The people have always some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness…This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears, he is a protector.” 

Those of us who point out growing tyranny, or the State’s crimes, are often told by those who call themselves “patriots” that if we don’t like it, we should just leave the country. By May that option, for the most part, had been taken away from us. But as bad as 2020 had been up to that point, it would only get worse when a video was released showing a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on the neck of a man named George Floyd for eight minutes and forty-six seconds, at the end of which, Mr Floyd’s life had expired. 

 ‘I Predict a Riot’ 

In the last week of May 2020, if I had gone in for a diagnosis, I probably would’ve had some form of mild PTSD. The government restrictions due to COVID 19, combined with the culture’s mindless adoption of every one of their baseless recommendations, was making me crazy. Then the George Floyd incident happened in Minneapolis. As someone who has been podcasting and writing about the abuses by police for years, watching that video barely elicited an emotion from me. I was inured to it by that point. However, the majority of the public wasn’t. Sure, there were the typical opportunists who secretly celebrated incidents like Floyd’s in order to push their agenda and grift, but the general public didn’t. Even conservatives were alarmed. Their alarm didn’t last long. 

The day the Floyd video was released “protests” started in Minneapolis. A police precinct was abandoned by the State’s “security force” as “protesters” set it ablaze. Multiple fires were reported. The “protests” then took a typical turn. Many in the streets set their sights on private businesses and even individuals. Any hope that the general public, which is normally supportive of law enforcement, would continue in their newfound suspicion of the police was abandoned. People fear a mob more than they fear the State. And at this point it was understandable as many police were ordered to stand down by local politicians. 

Over the following week the protests spread to multiple cities. The violence against businesses and persons continued. Most local politicians excused it. The corporate media ignored it. It appeared we had entered a new paradigm where street violence was the norm. In Seattle, local politicians allowed the CHAZ/CHOP autonomous zone to be created and remain untouched. News out of Portland painted war in the streets as soon as the sun would set in the evening. It was chaos in many locales. And it was being normalized. Many celebrities set up bail funds for the rioters. Again, politicians along with their comrades in the media and Hollywood were intent on making this into that dreaded phrase, “The New Normal.” CNN ran a chyron under a reporter who was on-scene with a city burning behind him that said that the protests were “mostly peaceful.” 

There was no question in my mind what was happening here. When you combined the government’s draconian response to Covid 19 with their lax response to cities on fire, it was clear the powers that be wanted people completely off balance and ready and willing to accept whatever came their way, whether it was being locked in your house for months or having your business burned down to only receive the canned response of, “they have insurance, stop complaining.” The government declared war on its people in 2020 and most didn’t recognize it. 

 This is the Most Important Election… Yada, Yada 

I will get into the election, but first I believe it’s important to tie everything so far together as it sets the stage for what occurred during the election. I hold the opinion that the riots in the wake of the George Floyd incident would not have been as severe if the government hadn’t put the majority of the population on house arrest for the previous 2.5 months. Combine the riots, skyrocketing unemployment, induced fear of a virus, and another 5 months of lockdowns with the fact 2020 was a national election year, one that was destined to be contentious, it was like pouring gasoline onto a fire that had been ignited by gunpowder. 

When looking back at the election, the best place to start is with the Corporate Press (CP). I find it impossible to believe there is anyone left in this society who doesn’t recognize that the CP was largely in the bag for the democrats. Hell, even FOX News, the supposed bastion of the Rightcalled the race for Biden long before you would’ve expected them to. And if you wanted to look into the background of the candidates? Forget it – move along, nothing to see here. According to the CP, Hunter Biden’s laptop either didn’t exist, or was a Russian plant. Seriously, I think people have forgotten that “Russia,” was invoked yet again. When it came to light that the FBI had been investigating Hunter Biden as early as 2018 for his dealings in China, it was barely a blip on the CP’s radar. 

As we saw, the “mail-in votes” swung the election. Sure, many have criticized Trump for telling his supporters to avoid mail-in voting, but is there anyone out there who wants to make the argument that each of the reported 26,600,000 votes made by mail had the required signature verifications made in only 48 hours? Does that seem realistic? So, when you have a good percentage of the 75,000,000 people who voted for Trump claiming the election was stolen from them, can you honestly blame them? If you were playing football and you looked up at the scoreboard and suddenly there were 42 points unaccounted for on the board, you would probably cry foul. That so many people can’t accept this as even a possibility, or see the point of view of those who believe they’ve been wronged, is incredible. 

The veil has been ripped off “The Cathedral” by those residing in it, yet many still don’t notice. We are truly living in the aforementioned “Dim Age,” where “facts and logic” are no longer viable weapons. Now it is only the narrative that matters. And those who control the narrative, control the people. 

 ‘Don’t Question the Experts!’ 

By February/early-March, I began using the Hayekian term scientism on a regular basis. It was obvious from the start that the State’s preferred scientists were merely guessing (very poorly) when it came to what the public should be doing to protect itself from the virus. I knew they had crossed over from science to religion when doctors presenting alternatives were silenced. Priests of old were seen by the devout as everything from politicians to doctors. The modern-day version of that is the State-approved scientist. White coats have replaced priestly frocks and their recommendations from on high are wrought with just as many appeals to “faith.” Probably the most damning evidence against the “Medical Industrial Cathedral,” was their declaring Hydroxychloroquine anathema after Trump mentioned it as a potential treatment. From that moment on it appeared that every recommendation was coming straight from the pulpit with those who disagreed treated as heretics to be burned at the stake. 

Scientism transitions into the concept of “technocracy” with ease. The best “normie” definition I could find for technocracy is: “the government or control of society or industry by an elite of technical experts.” Whereas many may view this concept as appealing, when you take into consideration the “experts” the government forced upon the public in response to CV19, you start to realize the “expert” part of that definition isn’t their main priority. In my opinion, the public VIEWING them as experts is more important to the powers that be than their ability to actually solve a crisis. Their being able to present themselves as learned and credible is what appears to be of use to the elites. I hope the reader is able to recognize the incredible danger in having a class of “experts” who it is forbidden to question. And I would especially hope the “libertarian” would see this as an assault on the “market of ideas” and, worst of all, a limiting of choices. 

The questioning of the aforementioned priestly class of experts is verboten. How can you, a mere serf, question them when you do not possess the “secret knowledge?” “How can someone like you begin to understand these mysteries?” “Where is your medical degree from – GOOGLE?!” “Are you questioning the stats and data?” Who do you think you are?!” 

I’ll end part 7 with a story I’ve shared on my podcast. When I was preparing for a flight to NYC in September, I received an email from Delta providing detailed information on everything they’re doing to keep me safe (how about not adopting the 737 Max, that would make me feel safe). The email clearly stated that masks slow the spread of CV19 and included two links to the CDC as proof of their claim. The curious fellow I am I decided to click the links. Both links led to pages where the CDC stated they BELIEVE masks help to slow the spread. It appears the “private companies” “libertarians” worship with undying loyalty aren’t above lying to get you to follow the government’s mandates. 

 Facts and Logic are Dead – Long Live Magic! 

When I saw the response by the powers that be to CV19, I determined they were either clueless, or purposefully misleading the public. I quickly realized that both can be true at the same time and that is still my belief. What I wasn’t prepared for was the majority of the public to buy into this charade so quickly. The government presented an ever-changing narrative and the vast majority of people swallowed it whole with no qualms. A narrative is essentially a story which doesn’t have to be true. In the case of how the public accepted the CV19 narrative, it was almost as if by magic. And magic was a big part of my year, and still is.

My closest fellow traveler in 2020 was my friend, Vin Armani. We did several podcasts highlighting and explaining the tyranny we saw the government implementing in the name of CV19. Vin was the first person to mention magic. He noticed people abandoning logic and reason and instead adopting the government “narrative” as their guiding “principle.” Vin quickly surmised that if people were believing in this magic, only better magic could pull them from the thrall of the government narrative. I told him that to do this we needed a better narrative. One that was devoid of logic and reason because we were entering into Vin’s coined phrase, “The Dim Age.” Thus the “magic meme” was born.

Everything became about magic, everything had a magical connotation. When someone brought up in conversation or on social media CV19 vaccines, I referred to it as the magic elixir that would end this demonic attack. If masks were mentioned in a positive way, I talked of their great faith and that totems were part of man’s history. Hand sanitizer became Holy Water. The required six foot perimeter for social distancing was too far for a demon to jump from one human to another. If the narrative is all that matters, and people are performing these rituals “sola fide,” why would I not oblige them by using the language of ritual as well?

It became crystal clear that we were in the “Dim Age” when the riots started after the George Floyd video was released. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets, huddled in masses with few masks, to protest. When people like myself wondered how this “pandemic” was going to be stopped if thousands upon thousands were in the streets screaming to each other in immediate proximity, the “high priests” informed us that the protests were vital and not to worry about the protesters contracting, and spreading, CV19. They were all but declared immune. It was magic. The “Dim Age” was real and the technocrats had this handled. All you had to do was have faith. 

 We’re All ‘White Supremacists’ Now 

So, at this point the protesters and rioters in response to the George Floyd video were magically deemed immune from COVID 19. And it truly was a “selective,” magical immunity for protesters of “institutional racism” because when another group of protesters marched on the Michigan Capitol in early May to decry the stay-at-home orders, they were deemed not immune. In fact, they may as well have been trying to spread the virus on purpose according to the corporate press (CP). These people who only wanted their lives returned were depicted as heathens wanting to “kill your grandma.” 

And, of course, because the Michigan protesters were predominantly white, the CP ran with their go-to in the age of Trump – it was all about white supremacy. This was no more evident than when on August 25th in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a city that was literally on fire, a 17-year-old kid named Kyle Rittenhouse made the decision to tote an AR-15 with the intent to defend businesses that were in danger of being destroyed by “mostly peaceful” protesters. In a scene of utter chaos (listed on Wikipedia as “unrest”) and under assault from multiple individuals, Rittenhouse ended up killing two of his attackers and wounding a third. How did the CP spin this? As expected, Rittenhouse was a white supremacist who traveled to Kenosha to kill black people. The fact that the three people he shot were all white made no difference. The narrative is supreme and if the CP reports it, it is to be accepted as Gospel. 

The cries of “white supremacy,” and recent intimations (it’s actually beyond this) that many of the 74,000,000 people who voted for Trump, or are sympathetic toward him, are white supremacists no matter their skin color, should not be a shock. This is a typical move by the “Cathedral” to consolidate its base unto itself – give their followers an enemy and make them feel like they’re fighting fascists/racists. The problem is that in the past the enemy the CP sold us was overseas. The fact that they are telling the population that these “fascists/racists could be your neighbor, or your mom and dad,” should give everyone pause. Unfortunately, people are buying into this narrative fully. To hear the useful idiot masses talk, you’d think they believed they are like those storming the beaches at Normandy to defeat the Nazis. I wonder what they would think if they were able to go back in time and survey the men taking that beach on what their opinion of non-white people was. 

In my opinion, the accusations of white supremacy are not going to disappear with Trump. CNN, MSNBC and the ACLU have seen record profits (in donations on the part of the ACLU) in the “racist” Trump-era. How is this to be combatted? A better narrative? Mocking and ridicule? At this point we’ve reached the “throwing crap against the wall and see what sticks” method. In any case, we must realize we are experiencing a radicalization of our neighbors that may put us in their crosshairs. We must be prepared for this. I hope this targeting will go away, but it’s too profitable to those benefitting from it to stop. 

 ‘It’s a Private Company, Bro’ 

As mentioned previously, even without government-imposed tyranny in response to COVID 19 or the George Floyd riots, 2020 was destined to be a crap show as it was a national election year where the incumbent was hated by the majority of the population. And what were we given to go up against the “Reality Show Host-in-Chief? Joe Damn Biden. A man who can barely make it through a speech without looking like a completely confused jackass. A guy who likes children to play with his leg hair. A guy who went to war with a “bad dude” by the name of “Corn Pop.” He’s also responsible for the 1994 Crime Bill and has been one of the biggest promoters of the “War on Drugs” but hey, after four years of having a clown show in the White House, no need to talk about actual policy. 

This election was insanity. Let’s start with the mail-in ballots. Seriously, could people not see this was a recipe for fraud (even if as claimed none was committed)? 26.6 million mail-in ballots were submitted and, as mentioned previously, we are to believe each one had a signature verification check done in a matter of days. Impossible. Election observers came forward and signed affidavits saying they witnessed fraud but were told they were lying. My problem with that is bearing false witness is perjury and a crime yet none of the witnesses are being brought up on charges even though there’s a “full-court press” to punish anyone seen as loyal to Trump. It’s like they don’t want to take the case to court as that would allow evidence of inconsistencies and possible fraud to be introduced into the public. 

I know elections have been stolen in the past and that irregularities have occurred in each one, but what we saw out of the tech sector in 2020 is historic. Facebook, Twitter and Google did everything they could to shut down any and all opposition to Joe Biden’s candidacy. When the New York Post – the fourth largest newspaper in the nation – had its Twitter account shut down due to its reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop, I knew the fix was in and there was no way Trump was going to be allowed to win. Twitter made it so any link to that story was forbidden from being posted. Google throttled searches and Facebook took down any mention of the story. Personally, my Facebook account was suspended for 30 days, exactly 29 days before the election and then I was not allowed to post anything in Facebook groups for another 30 days beyond the election. 

And that’s what I want to end on. The “Cathedral” is using alleged “private companies” to censor dissident voices. And this is where “Libertarianism” fails every time. The Libertarian worship of business puts them in the position of excusing, and in many cases, cheering on this censorship. In the past three days three officers in the Mises Caucus of the Libertarian Party have had their Facebook accounts eliminated. Groups are being taken down. Even a milquetoast, left-libertarian group full of people some of us call the “Loser Brigade” had their group taken down. And they excused it by saying that they would rebuild but at least they got the Mises Caucus guys. Imagine being defeated in battle and excusing it by celebrating that your perceived adversary was destroyed as well. The government is using “Big Tech” to silence dissident voices and the people who identify as anti-government and pro-rights, are some of those same people cheering on “Big Tech’s” actions. Mind-boggling! 

 The ‘Debates’ Were a Sh*tShow 

With “Big Tech” declaring war on anyone to the Right of Bernie Sanders and a portion of “Libertarianism” cheering it on, I was perplexed. I thought it would be beneficial to return to two events that happened this year that were vastly different in content, but highlight in my mind politics in the modern age. These events were the two 2020 presidential debates that I know a lot of you didn’t watch. Summing them up for you is going to be fun. 

The first presidential debate could’ve been a Jerry Springer episode. It was a couple hours of two crotchety old men talking over each other. From the get-go it was clear that interrupting and drowning out his opponent was Trump’s strategy, Biden just followed suit. I’m not one to argue that presidential debates – with the exception of ones where someone like a Ron Paul is participating – will answer any questions about what a candidate will actually do when they get in office, but it is nice to hear some hint of policy agenda. However, the first debate wasn’t about information. It was akin to two dogs pissing anywhere they could in order to mark their territory. This was cheered on by the Right. And I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. The reason I relished what many would consider “disgraceful” behavior by “Royalty” is because anything that will de-legitimize the presidency is alright by me. The Trump-Right just wanted to see him attack people, and while I enjoyed that too, it’s not pushing the public in the direction I want them to go – to have disgust for the State apparatus and their apparatchiks. 

The second presidential debate was more civil, and therefore, boring. My notes for this debate had a huge heading in capital letters- CONSPIRACY THEORIES. Honestly, I barely remember anything Trump said in this debate but Biden should’ve been wearing a tin-foil hat. Biden continued the Left’s Russophobia by not only regurgitating the debunked Russia-gate narrative (this time adding that Iran interfered in the election as well which is amazing since these are the two countries the Neo-liberal center wants war with), but he also brought up another debunked report that Russia was paying “bounties” to Afghanis to kill Americans stationed or working in Afghanistan. Of course the moderator of the debate, Kristen Welker of NBC, was not about to fact-check anything coming out of the “Cathedral’s” preferred candidate’s mouth, so these blatant lies went unchallenged. In my opinion, Trump lost that debate solely because he never once challenged the lies coming out of Biden’s mouth. 

I’ve spent a good amount of time recently, here and on social media, talking about “red-pilled” vs “blue-pilled.” Michael Malice would say being red-pilled is knowing that the corporate press and academia have the same agenda and it’s not a coincidence (forgive me Michael if I’m off a bit on that). I believe another part of taking the red-pill is acknowledging that the Federal bureaucracy can’t be fixed mainly because of the aforementioned media and academic class. Curtis Yarvin would go so far as to say that the press and academia are the guiding force behind national politics. Once you get it in your head that the State is a Leviathan that cannot be stopped by joining it and then fighting it from the inside, hopefully you come to the conclusion that the only thing to do is either ignore it and drop out, or educate as many people as possible on its nature so that they may begin to either ignore it, or educate others. If it sounds like multi-level-marketing, that’s because effective messaging always has been. 

 Hard Questions and a Reality Check 

I’ve reached the end of my history review of the God-awful year 2020. Now questions need to be asked and solutions devised. First question: ARE there any solutions to the crap show we just experienced? That’s a good starting query actually. Let’s proceed. 

How does individual liberty win in a world where logic and reason have been abandoned by the majority of its inhabitants? How do you have a conversation when the person on the other end is repeating a narrative they’ve been fed? Remember, narratives don’t have to be true they just have to sound plausible. Having them come from so-called experts – technocrats – is vital. The COVID 19 response should be our first teacher on this point. 

I believe I’ve made it clear in this series that Americans are not a people who plan. They react. If you’re constantly reacting to challenges that are coming at you, it’s easy to make mistakes. Stepping back and taking in all of the information available is key to being able to work your way out of a negative situation. When it came to the government response to COVID 19, it’s obvious they failed to fully understand and address the situation. An individual making mistakes in judgment for themselves, and their family, is vastly different than a group of technocrats making mistakes that affect 330,000,000 people. 

Have you heard the term “The Great Reset” (GR)? How about “Build Back Better?” The GR is a plan by the World Economic Forum (WEF) similar to the “Green New Deal” with the stated goal of fundamentally restructuring the world’s economies around climate change reforms and equality of outcome for individuals. WEF has a website and a podcast. They are not hiding their intentions/goals/plans. Almost every world leader has used the term “Build Back Better” since June 2020 including Joe Biden. What does it mean? Do you think you should find out? 

Allow me to finish part 12 with this thought. I’ve heard people say that the totalitarian action and language we’ve experienced in the last year is a struggle between “authoritarianism and libertarianism.” Really? When has libertarian ideology been an option? I’m talking about a real option not just theory. In the grand scheme of things, yes, those are two options, absent of any nuance. However, what we have seen is a struggle between real totalitarianism and a soft fascism. Libertarian ideology isn’t even on the board. 

I started this by saying questions need to be asked and answered. Along with the question of ARE there solutions, we should also ask: given the current choices between totalitarianism and fascism, how is the libertarian message supposed to be pushed forward/made an option? 

Finally, the End! 

The largest, most powerful companies in the world – “tech companies” – are openly collaborating with governments around the world, and when you point this out to certain people, they accuse you of wanting the government to get involved. Is binary thinking so prevalent that they can’t read the first sentence and realize that’s not the solution but the problem? There are more than two choices. A month ago I probably would have defaulted to torches and pitchforks as my answer but after watching the glorious actions of WallStreetBets, it appears people are developing solutions on their own. People are learning how to weaponize their autism beyond “meme wars.” 

Once again, I feel the need to mention that common refrain idiot lolbertarians have now managed to get even progressives to repeat; “It’s a private company.” Very cool. When the Walmart-owned boxcars show up to take you to the Amazon-run re-education camps, make sure to leave both companies a good Yelp review, you double-digit IQ twits. 

Logic and consistency are dead. I don’t know how many times this must be said before people accept it. And if you refuse to understand that because of some egoistic principle, you’re useless. Enjoy being logically consistent in a corner by yourself because you refuse to adapt. 

When Vin Armani and I realized that facts and logic were dead, we were forced to get uncomfortable. I talked about hijacking narratives. Vin went further and said we had to start “practicing magic” as well. He illustrated this point by painting a scenario in which the “Priests in the White Coats” explained to the American people how burning sage and chanting would make the virus disappear. But Vin, knowing the ‘lolbertatian’ mind, mentioned that if there was a libertarian at said ceremony, he or she would inevitably try to point out that this solution was not in accordance with science, at which time almost everyone in the room would tell this worshiper of “facts and logic” to shut the heck up! Why are libertarians always trying to screw things up? 

What we are experiencing is not new. In history people have always been willing to trade safety for liberty and the response to COVID 19 is just another marker in humanities’ march toward totalitarianism. We all knew the day was coming when the powers that be would figure out a way to get people to acquiesce to tyranny. The day when liberty would become an afterthought in the minds of the people was inevitable. People have faithfully believed for two centuries that they were entitled to the liberties laid out by the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, but have never been willing to put themselves at risk to preserve them. How long did they think it was going to last with no effort on their part?? 

The Declaration of Independence references rights as being endowed by a “creator” and never seeks to explain what he, she or it is. Does it really matter? The most important thing is that the rights promised by the Founders are endowed from a “magical realm” that cannot be explained. To me, even the concept of natural rights makes no sense outside of the realm of the spiritual. No, this country’s “Great Experiment” was started on magical ideas by people using magical language. And if you use that language in reference to the founding with the average American today, they accept it. This language, that to many is devoid of “logic and reason,” may just be our journey back to a path of individual liberty and flourishing. What have we got to lose? 



















The ‘Private’ Dilemma

There is an issue that “Libertarianism” refuses to take a nuanced approach to that will inevitably further marginalize it in the eyes of the general public. When it is brought up the “consistent” libertarian/anarchist retreats into the world of informal fallacies, most notably the “false dilemma” fallacy, in which it is assumed by the participant that there are only two opinions to hold on the presented subject. This is usually characterized by canned answers such as, “they’re a private company bro, they can do what they want,” when a company is allegedly acting on its own accord, and in one example, temporarily bans the nation’s oldest newspaper from their platform.  

When people such as this author presents evidence that a certain platform will delete accounts on the orders of the American and Israeli governments, they are met with the same vapid response about private companies, yadda, yadda, yadda. In the mind of some who claim to be all about private property, but also preach an anti-State message, it becomes clear they haven’t given consideration to the fact that government actors (GAs) have planned out these schemes with the express intent of making it so that the libertarian/free market type is forced into a corner of not wanting to abandon their principles while GAs construct a system of tyranny around them that they refuse to criticize. 

What is even more maddening is that when someone tries to sound the alarm on this loophole the GAs have found, many are met with the insane response that they want the government to do something about it so that makes them statists. Did you hear what they said? The government is the one using this to their advantage. Can thought lacking nuance be abandoned for five seconds so that a third way can possibly be found besides the two that have been defaulted to?  

How about loudly speaking out against this arrangement (GAs)? Unfortunately, many are not only so steeped in one mode of thinking when it comes to that “private company bro,” but they also may not want to be seen as being “anti-business” like their blood-enemies the socialists. Where is that going to leave you? Technically, the monopoly power provider in a certain neighborhood may decide they don’t want to do business with the local “white supremacist” (whatever that means anymore). If they turn their power off in 100-degree heat is it just a “private company bro?”  

Libertarian/ANCAPS need to address this exploding phenomenon of government using “private” companies as a shield to carry out their war on everything from free speech to mask enforcement. At present, the Right is ramping up efforts to repeal Section 230 which would effectively allow the government to regulate social media platforms, or any contribution sites, as if they’re the public square. This author sees the government as the problem in almost all instances and never the solution. That does not mean these “private” companies should be let off the hook for their collusion. On the contrary, everyone needs to start calling them out on it. That would be a good start for the “libertarian.” 

How Members Of ‘Gun Culture’ View The Ahmaud Arbery Killing

There has been another controversial shooting of an unarmed man. The Ahmaud Arbery case is currently being litigated on social media by the usual suspects who plan on using this to further their “pet” agenda. Whether it be the “law and order” crowd who have their statistics at the ready to copy and paste, or the “race-baiters” who make their living off incidents like this, they are both champing at the bit to make their point. 

At this point, many libertarian/voluntaryists/anarchists may be confused as how to interpret the incident. Some may have already sided with Arbery, and some may be on “Team McMichael.” When you are trying to interpret an incident that happened within a statist framework, it is easy to get your thinking clouded.  

With all of that being said, the libertarian/anarchist/voluntaryist crowd looks to a future where there is no monopoly on force and violence, one where property rights backed by the non-aggression principle are legitimate as opposed to statutory mandates made by elected officials who suffer no consequences for their actions and mistakes; one where customs and cultural norms would be the status quo rather than diktats handed down from above. 

In the case of people grabbing their guns and hunting down someone they suspect of committing a crime, there already exists a subculture in the United States that has unwritten rules when it comes to such incidences which they follow to the letter. This author’s home state of Georgia has one of the largest gun forums on the internet that includes well over 40,000 members. The members overwhelmingly lean conservative and pro-Trump. Some members would call themselves libertarian. There are even a few who fly the democrat banner proudly, yet are adamantly pro-gun rights (yes, weird).  

Before we get into what this author has witnessed as to gun culture’s take on this situation, it is important to point out that the overwhelming majority of these same people took George Zimmerman’s side in the Trayvon Martin case before, during and after. That is good context for what is mentioned going forward. 

‘An Unwritten Rule’ 

“Don’t pull your gun unless you absolutely have to and only to defend life.”  

The “gun culture” in Georgia is strict about this. A man on the forum mentioned above once bragged that he was in downtown Atlanta when a homeless man approached him to beg for change. He crowed that he pulled his gun and waved it at the homeless man causing him to run off. The braggard was subjected to an onslaught of insults. The majority of them mentioned that he was not in fear for his life and that a gun should never be used to intimidate.  

It’s true that just pulling a gun can make a mugger run away. But in the case of serious gun owners we only pull our gun to protect life. If you pull it because of a robbery, you should be justified in pulling the trigger. Choosing to not pull the trigger is fine, your prerogative, but make sure the event justifies deadly force. 

This rule should be important to people who center their thinking and worldview on the non-aggression principle. Threatening and coercing is what the State does. If it’s not appropriate for a State actor, why is it for the individual? 

What Are These People Saying? 

It’s important here to give examples of how most in this subculture are commenting. This first quote is from a former police officer this author has known for years. Mind you, he left the job because he realized he was doing more harm than good. He explains: 

If there is no more to the story then the two should be prosecuted and jailed for life. The guy was clearly not trying to confront them. He runs miles and miles every day and lived nearby. However, one thing gives me pause is that even The NY Times is hedging somewhat. They stated that the man was seen running from inside a home under partial construction, the home owner called 911. BUT even that wouldn’t constitute the use of deadly force in this case. If this was a LEO shoot, he would have been charged.  

Another commenter: 

The kid wasn’t carrying anything. Those two confronted and went looking for a fight. Definitely not justified in my meaningless opinion. Real sad. 


Based on that video, the shooters ought not stand in the sunshine anytime soon. But we know what ‘should’ happen and what does happen aren’t always related. 


Maybe he was takin a leak…? I dunno, this d-bag PI wannabe and his kid sound like some straight up cowbois ta me… “citizens arrest”, and armed pursuit lol… I wouldnta stopped either. 

They keep coming: 

I saw zero justification for use of force in that situation regardless of the jogger’s previous actions. This looks to be some straight up redneck justice profiling bull****. One has to wonder if they’d just shot him in the back had he tried to keep running. 


I don’t give a damn what the circumstance was. Based on the video those scumbags murdered that young man. 

One last comment: 

I prefer to let relevant and current facts determine the circumstance rather than digging up old articles to try and sling mud to make my predilections justified. The fact he was a high school athlete or attended college or what his specific career aspirations were, are irrelevant to the FACT he was unarmed and shot dead by two redneck wanna be cowboys who thought they had an in on the cover up with one of their former bosses the DA. Their plan sucked, now they get to win stupid prizes. Won’t bring him back but he died pretty quickly. They get to sleep with one eye open for a long, long, time… I’m sure they’ll be well received in a south Georgia prison. 

If you happen to be making excuses for the father and son, and the arguments above are being thrown in your direction, you are probably dealing with someone in a subculture with rules that obviously value safety and justice. As a reminder, these aren’t even big “L” Libertarians for the most part, but run of the mill conservatives and constitutionalists. They just have a set of guidelines that they live by and consider those to be more important that what the actual law is, while at the same time, abiding by it. 

Why is this something that libertarians/anarchists/voluntaryists should care about? Those groups seek a society without a central power. Under this structure customs and unwritten rules backed by the non-aggression principle will be the norm. It is beneficial to look at how subcultures, especially ones that are enforcing the NAP without realizing it, now operate. 

It is readily apparent that while many liberty lovers proclaim their support for gun rights, they are ignorant of what the culture is. A lot of people I know don’t own firearms and It is incumbent upon those of us educated on these customs to communicate them properly. They are not vigilantes who if they believe a thief is in our neighborhood will grab their weapons and go on the hunt. No, that is not how it’s done. The idea that you don’t pull your weapon until you absolutely have to exists for the reasons stated above. They are logical, and NAP consistent. People should look at what the McMichaels did, and ask if it would be acceptable to them in a libertarian social order. The ideas behind NAP-based self-defense already exist and are practiced. It would do many who think they know what those in gun culture are all about to spend some time learning from those living it. Your life and freedom in the current society may depend upon it. 

‘I Was Just Following Orders’

“I was just following orders” is the mantra of everyone who has found themselves on the wrong side of history – who is called into account for their actions as an order taker. How is it possible that everyone from corrupt mayors, to murderous tyrants have been able to get so many people to obey them and march in lockstep? When you take into account there are people who are willing to defend them, it’s easy to understand how these organs of the State are allowed to get away with everything from ticketing people for non-violent crimes, to the worst atrocities one could ever imagine. When you have cheerleaders, as athletes do, you are often looked at as a hero. Why else would other people be championing you and your profession? 

From the day they’re born, the overwhelming majority of people are raised in environments that teach them to obey “authority” and never question it.  

A perfect example is unquestioning nationalism. A quote on nationalism by Albert Einstein which he spoke before the rise of Hitler was, “nationalism is an infantile disease, it is the measles of mankind.” That makes sense especially when you consider that people who are unquestioning nationalists are generally taught it from a young age.  

Nationalism doesn’t have to be a negative. To the contrary, many people who identify as such can articulate the difference between having an affection for the people and the society into which they were born, or chose, and their radical distrust of the government they live under. But those who can’t (or won’t) separate the State from their neighbor, have been shown in history to be the ones who either become the order-follower, or blindly worship and make excuses for them. 

The much rarer trait is to see someone raised as a radical individualist. Homeschooling numbers from 1990- 2019 have grown from 275,000 to 2,300,000. Reasons for wanting to keep your children out of government schools can vary. Some of the earliest started out for religious reasons. Today, many people who call themselves libertarians/anarchist/voluntaryists do it because they don’t want their children to grow up in an environment which fosters and actively promotes obedience to the State apparatus.  

Law Enforcement Worship 

From a young age, many parents teach their kids that law enforcement are the good guys and if they ask you a question, you better answer and be respectful. You can be respectful and still understand the nature of the job of the police in this country. They are evidence gatherers. That is their main task since they rarely show up in time to stop a crime. They have rightfully been referred to as “historians.” If a statute has been broken, it is their job to figure out who did it and they do this by detaining or arresting people and asking them questions. 

Any lawyer worth their salt will tell you to never answer questions unless they, or another attorney is present, even if you know you are not guilty. In the must-read book, “You Have the Right to Remain Innocent,” James Duane details by citing case upon case how innocent people have talked their way into losing decades of their lives even though they didn’t commit the crime of which they were convicted. He explains how police can ask you 100 questions, and while you may have answered 98 of them correctly, even proving your innocence, the 2 that you answer in a wishy-washy way can be used to convict you while the other 98 (ones that prove your innocence) will be thrown away and declared inadmissible in court. 

This continues to be a blight on the criminal “justice” system and police officers are aware that this happens. Yet they continue to do their job as they always have with no regard for whether they are contributing to the jailing of an innocent person. They, and their defenders, will often blame it on the prosecutors. Yes, they will pass the buck so to speak. And what is their excuse? It’s just part of the job and we are “just following orders.” “We’re just doing our jobs!” 

Military Members are Beyond Reproach 

At this point in the “War on Terror” it’s impossible to argue that those fighting it are expected to be held up as heroes by the government and general public, even to the point of excusing the worst atrocities and war crimes imaginable. 

Recently, president Trump granted clemency to war criminal, special operations chief Eddie Gallagher. Gallagher, a Navy Seal and platoon leader, is described as, “a “toxic” character who was “OK with killing anything that moved”, according to fellow Iraq veterans who reported his conduct to military investigators.” “In the interviews, conducted by navy investigators looking into Gallagher’s conduct during a tour of duty in Iraq in 2017, fellow platoon members told of a ruthless leader who stabbed a captive to death for no reason then forced his troops to pose for a photograph with the corpse.”  

At his court martial Gallagher was acquitted of murder but lost rank because of the pictures posing with the dead body. “In a lengthy criminal investigation report, the navy detectives laid out other allegations against Gallagher, including shooting a schoolgirl and elderly man from a sniper’s roost. Members of Alpha Platoon’s Seal Team 7 alarmed by their leader’s conduct said they were initially shut down by military chiefs when they first spoke up, and told their own careers would suffer if they continued to talk about it” 

“The guy is freaking evil,” special operator first class Craig Miller, one of the platoon’s most experienced members, told investigators in sometimes tearful testimony. “I think Eddie was proud of it, and that was, like, part of it for him.” 

This is the man Trump gave clemency from any future charges to. And when he did, Gallagher’s defenders came out of the woodwork to defend him from anyone who dared make the claim that this man not only deserves to be locked up, but that his sanity should be called into question. Trump went so far as to hint that he would take Gallagher out on the campaign trail with him. 

Eddie Gallagher was the platoon leader, the one who gave the orders. But he also took them. Testimony shows that these military chiefs did everything they could to protect Gallagher. Even threatening those under his command if they spoke of this. It’s hard to judge from afar whether those men who posed with the dead body wanted to, or they were just following orders and feared retribution. When you see that Gallagher’s bosses actively sought to protect him, is it unreasonable to ask whether Gallagher was “just following orders” when he committed these atrocities? 

As was stated at the start, “order-followers” have found themselves on the wrong side of history when it comes to decency, not to mention liberty. Their defenders are vocal and can rarely be reasoned with. They see people in these positions as heroes and will make any excuse for actions that could be stood right next to the worst atrocities committed by Pol Pot. As we progress into a future where it is clear that the overwhelming majority of people intend to grow the size and scope of government, those who value individual liberty and justice may have to decide whether they will stick it out and attempt to change this culture, or look for alternate solutions lest they wake up in a State in which their every deed and word is under the purview of the unthinking automaton. 

‘The Person Advocating Violence Is The Fed!’

A lot of people have heard my “liberty story.” It’s the common, “I saw Ron Paul confront Rudy Giuliani on the debate stage in 2007” narrative. Then the reading started; pretty much every “libertarian” book I could get my hand on. For two years all I did was read. Attending a Campaign for Liberty event in Atlanta in 2010 or 2011 sealed the deal and I was all in. 

What most people don’t know is that soon thereafter I became interested in what many refer to as the “Sovereign Citizens.” I came across a few online that invited me to Skype chats to discuss the illegitimacy of the government. One of the main issues people have with those referring to themselves as “Sovereign Citizens” is that a few advocated violence and straight up theft from individuals. This was not the group that I talked to. These were people who came up with scripts of what to say to a judge in a courtroom to get the case dismissed. They advocated peaceful resistance based on education, not belligerence. They always said that if it gets to the point where you’re getting emotional, they’ve won, that they thrive on you being combative.  

It was in one of these groups that I heard a phrase that I’ve heard many times since; “If someone in these groups starts advocating the use of violence, they’re a Fed.” That stuck to me like glue and it’s an alarm that has been ringing in my head a lot lately. 

The Virginia Lobby Day Gun Rally 

Most of the people I follow and interact with on social media would consider themselves to be for personal liberty. Or at least that’s their message. My Facebook and Twitter accounts are purposely set up to not interact with family or friends. The overwhelming majority of them are still stuck in the two-party system and I don’t want to interact with them especially when other people can see the posts and start a dog-pile. I consider family important and am not going to abandon them because they’re where I was 13 years ago.  

All of that being said, the amount of people that I witnessed not only advocating for violent uprising against the State, but calling the Virginia rally a LARP because no shots were fired honestly shocked me. The only reason I’m either “friends” with them on Facebook, or interact with them on Twitter, is because I assumed, they were logical, liberty-minded thinkers.  

 Some of the sentiment I witnessed goes like this: 

 Tyrants only understand you’re serious if you’re pointing guns at them! (this one was “liked” by a “liberty-minded” person whose show I have appeared on) 

 Commenting on the guillotine that was wheeled into downtown Richmond, someone said:  

 The fact that it was dismantled before it was dripping with blood proves this was all a LARP! 

Other comments lamented the lack of violence, especially since the Virginia Senate voted to send the House a bill instituting a Red Flag law the next day. Bill SB 16 which would have been an assault weapons ban that hinted at confiscation has been rescinded but that doesn’t mean that that part of the fight is over. 

Is Violent Revolution the Answer? 

Many are frustrated that a state as “red” as Virginia has been taken over by the “blue” team. Making the joke that you all need to “vote harder” probably isn’t helpful but it makes me chuckle. But seriously, there may come a time that they become tyrannical and all peaceful options have been exhausted. That’s not right now. As I warned in an article prior to the rally, the powers that be control the narrative, but the country saw the white supremacist portrayal debunked when people across the racial and political spectrum came together to celebrate their love of guns. That was a win for everyone except the coastal elites. You have a country on your side. A few randos firing off shots would have destroyed that.  

Which brings me back to the title of this piece. People have heard that the FBI infiltrates peaceful groups who gather to celebrate liberty and to talk about how they can peacefully remove themselves from the power of the government. The FBI radicalizes otherwise peaceful Muslims to continue “The War on Terror.” When I see people who on one hand promote liberty, but on the other advocate for violent, disorganized revolution, I have to wonder whether they’re ignorant, or there to promote an agenda advantageous to the State. It certainly is something to consider. 

Tales from the Monetary Empire

After hearing January 3rd’s episode of Tales From the Crypt, it’s an understatement to say I’m inspired by Alex Leishman and his mission to bring free banking to those who need and deserve it most. Responsible banking is long a thing of the past. No proof of reserves? No use in offering financial services. Period. What is the point if most Americans can’t even make interest on their savings? It’s only a matter of time before negative interest rates become a reality in the states just as it already has in many countries. Instead, Keynesianism plagues the minds of not only Americans but the rest of the world. They’re incentivized into irrational spending of funds and resources that shouldn’t be spent, or worse, don’t even exist.

It’s no surprise the price of BTC shot up over the weekend. After the President ordered the killing of Iran’s most popular general, oil prices soared past $70 a barrel. Saudi stock prices dipped in fear of Iranian retaliation via attacking oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. Naturally these tensions lead to gold reaching its highest level in seven years as global investors are looking for safer and reliable options. Is bitcoin one of them? Could bitcoin fulfill Nik Bahtia’s prediction of becoming apart of the triumvirate of liquidity sooner than we think? 

Won’t authoritarians learn from their past authoritarians? This is how empires fall. Inflating the money supply for corporate, imperial greed. FDR confiscated gold via executive act 6102. Maybe we should be lucky we haven’t reached hyper bitcoinizaiton? Otherwise, would our government attempt to seize or private keys? Come knocking on the door and threaten you and your family at gun point to hand over your bitcoin because it’s the only sound currency on Earth that can pay to fund a world war?

The mere fact Alex was mocked by friends and family in civil society for questioning why the Federal Banking act isn’t illegal is appalling. God forbid anyone thinks for themselves these days. These are the kinds of questions everyone should be asking. It’s not a conspiracy to consider that this is intentionally programmed into the failed system, dictated by corrupt authoritarians. Ray Dalio was right when he wrote that profound blog post on LinkedIn, “The World Has Gone ad, And The System Is Broken.”

It was questions like this that Ron Paul was criticized for asking during both of is Presidential campaigns. The hard truth is, nobody asks these questions because they’re either ignorant of the problems, or they wanna keep their cushy, or sticky waged jobs as they count their fiat before bed. Can you blame them though? As much as it kills me to ask that question, it’s also a hard truth that not just bitcoiners, but anyone who’s knowledgeable of how this crippling financial system dominates the world is what inconceivably keeps it rotating on its fragile axis. At any moment that axis will snap and have us hurtling straight into that black hole sun of our desolate future that (quite literally) will bleed us into bankruptcy. As Ron Paul states many times over, this is not what the founding fathers wanted. This is not the American Dream.  

Yes, it’s the fractional reserve central banking system that enables this country to fund decades-long wars.

Interventionism for imperialistic wet dreams (nightmares rather), as well as economic interventionism, is anti-American. Therefore, being anti-bitcoin is anti-American, and so is war. Land of the free? Home of the brave? How is any of that possible when government has total control of the fruits of your labor? Where your money goes, who you’re allowed to send money to and when. Satoshi Nakamoto’s goal was to cure the economic cancer that is the Central Banking system: a permission-less, P2P cash system. For once, voluntary participants of the network are now able to seize full financial sovereignty by running a full node. These new-born sovereign individuals are validating that every transaction is true, not counterfeit, and that you are the sole owner of this bearer asset that is digital gold. 

This, bitcoin, is the very first time in the world that we as individuals actually own something. As Marty brings up at 28:40 

“what do you really own at the end of they day?”

“How we move our money is how we express our desires.”

If this is taken away from us, then we have no say in what we believe in. We can’t boycott a military industrial complex. We are slaves.

Like bitcoin, River Financial is competing with the Central Bank by offering a robust, secure service built on sound policy of human incentive (if being self-hosted in a volt worth a couple grand isn’t enough for you, tough). Having Executive Act 6102 framed on the wall in the River Financial office should be a tradition and custom in every financial institution in America, to remind them that governments can seize the wealth of individuals in an economy that lacks a truly free money. It’s a reminder of what this country was founded on, and how important property right are to individual liberty. The hope and will for new, earned opportunities. To lavish in the fruits of your hard, well-deserved labor. To invest in yourself so that you can nurture the skills necessary for maximal success, and minimal force. Bitcoin is the juiciest fruit of my labor, and River Financial is ready to garden and ripe for the pickings.


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