ESG, DEI, and Purpose w/LB Muniz

ESG, DEI, and Purpose w/LB Muniz

LB joined me once again to chat about the inner workings of ESG and DEI, and how these liberal virtues reflect the lack of purpose we see all around us. LB Substack Been Awake Discord Libertarian Institute 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate...

“Losing Sway!” An American goes to Iran.

Well, not exactly, but... Laurie Calhoun was interviewed by Amir Jafari on Press TV's We The People program, "Losing Sway" (on Iranian television). Topics: effects of and connections between U.S. foreign and domestic policy; changes in the global image and influence...

ESG, DEI, and Purpose w/LB Muniz

ESG and the New World Order w/Michael Rectenwald

Michael Rectenwald joined me once again. Today we discuss ESG, rising gas prices, cartelization, globalization, the New World Order, and Alexander Dugin. Michael Rectenwald Globalism speech (36:06 min mark) Why A War Will Be Good For Russia, Alexander Dugin The Final...



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