illegal immigration

Incompetence Can Be a Virtue

When it comes to government. This piece from The Hill explains that President Trump managed to deport 26% fewer people back to Mexico this year than President Obama did in 2016. Needless to say, this probably isn't due to a lack of trying on Trump's part. So, all else...

Not a Police State Yet but Getting There

“The First 48” is an excellent reality TV show that follows homicide detectives in various cities as they try to solve murders, most of which seem to be committed primarily by blacks and secondarily by Latins, typically over drug dealing. The show is not sanitized by...

Trump budget cuts bankroll new waste

Trump proposes to devote almost all of the savings from cutting domestic programs into the Pentagon. President Trump’s proposed budget takes a big step towards draining the swamp in Washington. This is the first time since the Reagan era that a president has sought a...



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