Assange Too Sick For Court

How well is he being treated? What's wrong with him? No one seems to know. Sure hope the U.S. or UK government don't just murder him. No point in going ahead with the recent superseding indictment if that was the plan.

A Real Attack on Journalism guest Will Porter

Assange Arrested

On FPF #335, I discuss the arrest of Julian Assange. Assange was arrested by the UK after Ecuador's president rescinded his asylum. Assange now faces the potential of being extradited to the US; an indictment against Julian Assange charges him with crimes related to...

Big Fake Russia Hoax Canceled

Mueller turns in his nothing report of nonsense to the DOJ with no new indictments, no even-accusations of "collusion" with Russia over the election of 2016. Unbelievable. Isn't it?

Trump-Russia Hoax

I'm no fan of Andrew C. McCarthy from the National Review, but, other than the gratuitous slam on Julian Assange, this is dead on. Stone Indictment Underscores That There Was No Trump-Russia Conspiracy

Robert Mueller Still Shooting Blanks

The Roger Stone indictment: all obstruction, no Russia. The facts, as the indictment presents them, are that Stone emailed with Randy Credico about Assange and Wikileaks, but then denied it, and tried to intimidate Credico to corroborate his claim that Credico was his...



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