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Sam Harris Is Dumber Than I Thought

Sam Harris Is Dumber Than I Thought

  "The sovereign citizen lunatic cult in white society" is what Sam Harris calls someone who has the same standards for the police they would have for anyone else. You know what sounds like a cult? A person (President/Congress) who claims the right to issue...

News Roundup 4/16/21

News Roundup 4/16/21

US News Bodycam footage shows a police officer murdering 13-year-old Adam Toledo. [Link] Crosley Green was convicted of murder with no physical evidence. Three witnesses testified against him, but all later recanted saying they were pressured to testify against Green....

News Roundup 4/16/21

News Roundup 3/1/21

US News The FBI says it is looking at one person who sprayed an irritant into the face of Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick before he died the next day. The FBI is investigating the incident as an assault. [Link] Minneapolis city council approved $1.18 million in...



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