News Roundup 5/1/2023

News Roundup 5/1/2023

Russia A Ukrainian drone strike on an oil storage facility in the Crimean port of Sevastopol caused a massive fire, according to a Russian official cited by the Associated Press on Saturday. AWC A Kremlin spokesperson has rebuked a claim by an American diplomat that...

News Roundup 5/1/2023

News Roundup 4/5/2023

Venezuela Fernando Blasi, the new envoy for Venezuela’s US-backed opposition, is calling on the Biden administration to ease crippling sanctions on Venezuela, saying not doing so could turn the country into another Cuba, which has been under a US trade embargo since...

News Roundup 5/1/2023

News Roundup 4/3/2023

Russia Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Thursday that Russia will continue notifying the US of its missile tests despite its suspension of New START, the last nuclear arms control treaty remaining between Washington and Moscow. AWC A prominent...

Our Postmodern Empire

Our Postmodern Empire

The American Empire is engaged in one of the greatest rhetorical cons of the past century, one that involves an endless differentiation and deferral of meaning. Its “post-colonial” warfare is therefore downright postmodern. Many conservatives believe there is a plot...



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