Quick Style Notes – Which "Liberal" Do We Mean?

This is my personal usage: Classical Liberal - "Classical Liberal" - the state should step out of the way of society.  Essentially: laissez-faire, separation of church and state. General "Millsian" Liberal - "traditional liberal" - Society should be "open", with free...

Left of the Left: Why Do Feds Have To Do NIH?

As a libertarian, I'm obviously against government programs like NIH.  Most of the reasons are theoretical, perhaps principled.  But, from the practicality perspective, most liberals who support these sort of "public good" programs don't account for opportunity costs...

How History Will See Libertarians v. Laura Ingraham

Conservative talk-radio host Laura Ingraham said yesterday that libertarians will always be a fringe minority. It’s a refrain that libertarians have heard hundreds of times.    It’s usually followed by snide remarks about libertarians being utopian and idealistic. At...

If Putin Did Rig the US Election: Good

Jeremy Sapienza is some sort of communist now or something but I still love him: "Sure, some of the less sophisticated liberals are just howling at the moon, crying for the end of this barbarism called the Electoral College, because a vote of 50%+1 is actually so much...



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