Impeaching Trump

The liberals are bent on impeaching Trump. Utilitarian electoral calculations are their only considerations. But how to impeach after he just got no-billed by the grand jury on the big collusion plot that never was, and no more than half-assed recommended for future...

New Yorker Lady: Those With Power Now Truthers Too

No mention of the Saddam-Osama plot against us, Gaddafi's future plans to murder every last citizen of Benghazi, Assad, not USA-Saudi-etc., being behind the rise of ISIS, Trump and Russia working together to steal the 2016 election. ... No. What are her examples?...

Art Acevedo Will Not Resign

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, formerly Austin's chief, will not resign over the murder of two peaceful citizens based on the completely unlawful actions of his narco-death squad. It doesn't matter how many innocent people are killed on his watch, in Austin or...

A Liberal New Year’s Via Ralph Raico

It's a tough new year for me, with Trump and everything.  He, and his opponents, have made me feel like I live in crazytown more than anything else in recent history.   At least (per the recent "Vice" movie) Dick Cheney just seemed like a lying jerk. I was listening...

News Roundup 12/24/18

Trump will replace Mattis as Secretary of Defense on January 1. When Trump announced Mattis’ resignation, Mattis was to step down at the end of February. [Link] The US charges two Chinese men for hacking. [Link] South Korea is requesting that 2019 US/SK military...



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