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Trump Fires Scumbag Ukraine-Gate Co-Conspirator

Trump should also confiscate all of Michael Atkinson's property and banish him and his family from the United States permanently. If you want to impeach and remove the president, he's plenty guilty of war crimes, but then so are all of you. What you may not do is...

Afghan War Disaster Continues On

NYT: At Least 23 Soldiers Killed in Insider Attack in Afghanistan At least 23 [ANA] soldiers were killed while they were sleeping on Saturday in an insider attack in eastern Afghanistan, officials said, the latest episode of enemy infiltration that has raised concerns...

John Bolton On The Warpath

Can Trumps National-Security adviser sell the isolationist President on military force? Dexter Filkins at The New Yorker, an in-depth profile of the most dangerous man in the world.



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Israel Winner of the 2003 Iraq Oil War

Israel Winner of the 2003 Iraq Oil War

From the Foreword by Lawrence B. Wilkerson: “[T]he debate over whether oil was a principal reason for the 2003 invasion has waxed and waned, with one camp arguing that it absolutely was, while the other argues the precise opposite.” “Mr. Vogler, himself a former...

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