2017 Review: Syria

In the lead up to the 2016 election, Candidate Trump talked a somewhat sensible policy on Syria. He wanted to end the support of rebels, and he preferred Assad to the jihadists, he desired to work with the Russians to achieve the shared goal of “knocking the hell out...

News Roundup 10/17/17

Hillary Clinton said Julian Assange worked for Russia during the 2016 election. Hillary blamed Assange, in part, for her loss. [Link] A federal judge ruled police can seize your fingerprints to unlock devices that require fingerprints. [Link] A Florida man was...

News Roundup 9/14/17

The Department of Justice announced it would not prosecute six police officers involved in the death of Freddy Gray. [Link] The US army has moved two tank brigades to northern Poland. The US says it is responding to concerns about Russia war games. [Link] Defense...



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