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Bill Clinton the Horrible

If someone has done a full and honest assessment of Bill Clinton's presidency, I would really like to see it. It is stunning how many ills Clinton's two terms in office inflicted, directly or indirectly, on the American people and the world. Some of the worst stuff...

Why Provoke Putin?

No one I know who criticizes America's post-Cold War policy toward Russia -- including the U.S. position on Ukraine -- thinks Vladimir Putin is a good guy. Indeed, the case against U.S. bellicosity toward Russia in no way depends on a favorable view of the Russian...

COI #114: Incompetent Puppet Masters

COI #114: Incompetent Puppet Masters

Patrick MacFarlane, host of Liberty Weekly and a featured writer at the Libertarian Institute, returns to the show to discuss the new cold war with Russia and China. Pat describes the role of foreign policy thinkers in pushing for a return to ‘great power...



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