News Roundup 12/28/2021

News Roundup 12/28/2021

Covid The CDC says people who test positive for covid but do not have symptoms only need to quarantine for five days. The CDC then recommends five days of mask-wearing.  The World Bank says nearly 100 million people fell into poverty during the covid pandemic. [Link]...

News Roundup 12/28/2021

News Roundup 12/27/21

Covid Massachusetts halts all elective procedures. [Link] The USS Milwaukee will remain in Cuba after several sailors tested positive for Covid. [Link] USAID is running out of money to distribute covid vaccinations. [Link] The US donates 1.5 million vaccine doses to...

Upcoming Speech

I'll be doing an event with Dan McKnight, Danny Sjursen and at Gen. Smedley Butler's grave in West Chester, Pennsylvania on October 19th.

Drone Footage: Maduro Rally Dwarfs Guaido’s Protesters

From May 1st, 2019 May Day in Caracas, Venezuela. This is for you @marcorubio. — Vijay Prashad (@vijayprashad) May 1, 2019 Tengo este vídeo en HD, para quienes piensen que es un montaje, que es viejo, o para algún medio de comunicación que...



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