News Roundup 4/25/2024

News Roundup 4/25/2024

US News Senate Passes $95 Billion Foreign Military Aid Bill AWC Biden Signs TikTok Ban, But Campaign Will Remain on Platform The Institute  Ukraine UK to Send Record $620 Million Military Aid Package to Ukraine The Institute  Ukraine Cuts Off Consular Services for...

News Roundup 4/25/2024

News Roundup 4/19/2024

US News New Hampshire GOP Adds ‘Defend the Guard’ to Party Platform AWC US Government Rejects Australia’s Call To End Assange Case, Submits 'Assurances' For Extradition The Dissenter Speaker Johnson Unveils $95 Billion Foreign Military Aid Bills AWC New Amendment...

Five Chimneys of Gaza

Millions and thousands become empty numbers when scaled in the context of history. As a scale of human life taken, those numbers are tragic and can seem unreal. A life balanced against policy, allowed to suffer and die beneath a wider context that is expedient or...

Israel, Zionism, Jews, and Anti-Semitism

"In some quarters anger at Israel's brutal occupation has undoubtedly spilled over to an animus toward Jews generally. But however lamentable, it's hardly cause for wonder.... Should it really surprise us if the cruel occupation by a self-declared Jewish state...



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