You Call Me Sergeant When I’m Talking To You

Doctor Armen Henderson was handcuffed by Miami police as he was loading health care supplies for the homeless into his van in front of his house.  His crime - disrespect. "Dr. Armen Henderson, an internal medicine physician at the University of Miami Health System,...

End the Fed

End the Fed

In response to the potential economic downturn in the economy arising from the spread of the Coronavirus, the Federal Reserve dropped the federal funds rate by half a point — to a range of 1% to 1.25%. Ironically, after the Fed’s announcement, the stock market dropped...

Atlantic Council Loves Ukrainian Nazis

The Azov Battalion? They might love Hitler a little bit, but really are a bunch of heroes now, don't you know?: In their recent New York Times op-ed, “We once fought jihadists. Now we battle white supremacists,” Democratic Congressman Max Rose and former Federal...

Bags, Germs and Stealing

Bags, Germs and Stealing

Denver is jumping on the plastic bag tax train, joining ranks with New York, California and several other Colorado jurisdictions, but will the bag tax be effective at changing habits or improving environmental conditions? Admittedly, there are far worse tyrannies to...



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