qualified immunity

News Roundup 5/3/2022

News Roundup 5/3/2022

US News A judge grants qualified immunity to police officers who arrested and held a man for operating a parody Facebook account. [Link] The FBI conducted nearly 2 million warrantless searches using Russian cyber threats as an excuse. [Link] Lawmakers will likely...

News Roundup 5/3/2022

News Roundup 3/23/2022

US News A police officer who tased a man in the genitals was denied qualified immunity. [Link] Julian Assange and Stella Moris marry in a UK prison as Assange faces extradition to the US. [Link] Colorado will divest from Unilever in its state pension fund because of...

News Roundup 5/3/2022

News Roundup 2/10/2022

In place of a news story today, I co-authored an article on sanctions with Will Porter.  Sanctions Set America on the Path to War, Claiming Lives with No Benefit     Quick Links   US News Colorado Springs pays $2.9 million to the family of De’Von Baliey....

News Roundup 5/3/2022

News Roundup 1/4/2022

US News The city of Baltimore will pay out $8 million to the family of Malcolm Bryant. Bryant spent 17 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. [Link] A social worker was denied qualified immunity after fabricating statements. In a separate case, police...

News Roundup 5/3/2022

News Roundup 10/13/21

US News A judge denied a Texas police officer qualified immunity after the officer removed a 14-year-old child from her home because she was alone. The child's mother was charged with felony abandonment, a jury found her not guilty. She is now suing the officer that...

News Roundup 5/3/2022

News Roundup 8/2/21

US News On March 22, the FBI raided US Private Vaults. The search warrant forbade the FBI from seizing safe deposit boxes, however, the FBI seized over 300 boxes. The FBI then filed civil asset claims for the belongings in the boxes, totaling $85 million. The FBI is...

News Roundup 5/3/2022

News Roundup 6/18/21

US News A DEA agent and police officer pushed a man from a window and tased him after he fell. Initially, a court granted the cops qualified immunity. The 3rd Circuit Court overturned the qualified immunity. [Link] Great Power China calls on the US and Russia to cut...

News Roundup 5/3/2022

News Roundup 5/6/21

US News The Biden administration says it supports allowing the WHO to distribute the IP for covid vaccines. [Link] New DNA evidence strongly suggests Ledell Lee was wrongly executed in 2017. [Link] Police officers got qualified immunity after they bullied a...



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