It’s a Metaphor, You Idiots

Clint Eastwood is not saying that Atlanta Journal reporter Kathy Scruggs traded sex for new stories. He's saying that she was a whore. This is entirely accurate. And she was not alone. Kathy Scruggs was and will always be a disgrace to journalism and humanity. Just...

Dems Have Lost Their Damn Minds

I mean they were already horrible and everything. How does this compare? I don't know. But it's pretty nuts. Here's Nancy Pelosi in plain English confirming that impeachment has always fundamentally been about Russia, not Ukraine. "All roads lead to Putin. Understand...

Nation Rejoices

Their are multiple reports that Kamala Harris (AKA Kamala the Cop) is dropping out of the presidential race. from Politico: Kamala Harris is dropping out of the presidential race, she told staff on a call Tuesday. She will release a video momentarily announcing her...

A Note About Race And Crime

My last two articles were race related, so I was thinking about the subject of race while reviewing them.  It led me to a thought that I just felt was worth sharing. So, people sometimes say that black kids commit way more crime, and regardless of the reason for that...

DNC Debate Breakdown guest Joanne Leon

DNC Debate Breakdown guest Joanne Leon

Joanne Leon returns to the show to breakdown the first Democratic debate. Joanne and Kyle cover Tulsi's highlights from the debate. Tulsi seems to have the strongest ani-intervention policy. They discuss the candidates with the worst answers to questions about war....

George Papadopoulos’s Side of the Story

As Daniel Lazare explained on the show, the basis of the FBI's investigation was a hoax and a frame-up from the beginning. Here Papadopoulos talks to Michael Tracey. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjGLCCP_lPg&feature=youtu.be



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