Dems Giving Each Other Very Bad Advice

I mean I know they're mostly rationalizing the fact that Biden just can't keep up a busy schedule and as they admit they're afraid he's going to trip up and say something crazy or forget what he's saying, so they're spinning like crazy in this Politico story. But do...

Impeachment Hearings

Wow. Kent making clear the importance to the establishment of bringing Ukraine into NATO ASAP. He called the Ukrainian militias fighting the people in the east, who are backed by Russian help, "minutemen" like those who served George Washington in America's War of...

News Roundup 10/16/19

News Roundup 10/16/19

Catalonia  Spain is seeking to extradite the former Catalan president from Belgium. The Spanish government made two previous requests that were rejected by Belgium. Spain is looking to extradite the president because he held an independence referendum for Catalonia....

News Roundup 10/3/18

The US Envoy to NATO threatens to destroy Russian missiles the US considers in violation of the INF Treaty. [Link] The Envoy walked back the threat on Twitter. [Link] France is accusing Iran of plotting a bombing against an Iran separatists group's rally in Frane....



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