Lessons From the Rape of Nanking

Lessons From the Rape of Nanking

The "Rape of Nanking" is a high watermark of imperial savagery, even in the context of the violent and brutal Japanese Empire. This frenzy of rape and genocide was committed against a Chinese populace after their government abandoned the city and the international...

News Roundup 4/20/2022

News Roundup 4/20/2022

Russia-Ukraine Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen walked out of a G20 meeting once a Russian official started talking. [Link] The US imposed another round of sanctions on Russia. [Link] A delegation of Senators pressures Serbia to sanction Russia. [Link] Germany’s...

News Roundup 4/20/2022

News Roundup 3/16/2022

US News The US donated 4.9 million Pfizer covid vaccination doses to Vietnam through Covax. [Link] The Chicago police officer who shot and killed Adam Tolodeo will not be charged. [Link] A US consulate in Mexico closes after coming under fire. [Link] Russia Ukraine's...

News Roundup 4/20/2022

News Roundup 9/16/21

US News New Jersey will divest from Ben and Jerry’s parent company because of its decision not to sell ice cream in Israeli settlements. [Link] Korea North Korea says it test-launched a new rail-based missile system. [Link] China The US signs a new anti-China defense...



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