Cop Kills Cop

Well he thought he was murdering a protester but it was actually someone with rights he was bound to respect. Oops. Man 1.

I Got One

CNBC: FedEx, which paid $205 million for naming rights to the Washington Redskins' stadium, asks team to change its name How about the Washington War Lords? Kinda catchy, right?

Police: Murderers

Cops kick in wrong door, murder innocent woman sleeping in her bed. Don't worry boys, just tell the judge: "Furtive!" "Waistband!" and you can finish your paid vacation. The "rule of law" is just some made up bullshit. Ask any black woman, she'll tell you, they still...

Boycott Apartheid Israel

"Democratic"? "Ally"? Israel is a totalitarian dictatorship, no better than China. They outright reject the Enlightenment and universal human rights. They are not part of the West at all.

Why Anarchy

Why Anarchy

In Episode 55 Tommy looks back at his path to the philosophy of anarchy. Tommy started off his journey as a constitutional conservative that put strong influence on natural rights. As he began to study he soon realized that his belief system was not just incomplete...

What a World

Man: Equal rights for Palestinians! Zionists: Obvious code for genocide! CNN: Pack your shit and get out.

The Lobby — USA

In case you missed it... Via the human rights activists at Electronic Intifada, an incredible -- long-suppressed -- piece of hidden camera investigative journalism by Al Jazeera: "The Lobby -- USA." Watch all four parts below:...

The 2d Amendment Isn’t There To Protect You From Gov

The gun rights discussion often misses a point, which I feel is the most important.  Government isn't the only entity in society that can threaten people's safety with violence.  The Second Amendment exists to give people the means to protect themselves from the...



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