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Rand Tries Diplomacy with Iran

Rand Tries Diplomacy with Iran

On FPF #377, I discuss Senator Rand Paul's attempt to engage in talks with Iran. Rand played a round of gulf with Trump and got the go-ahead to talk with the Iranian foreign minister. While Trump still seems committed to his maximum pressure campaign, the realistic...

Call Your Senator Now! (Please!)

Looks like the anti-Yemen war resolution has a great chance to get passed today. C-SPAN 2 now. Please call. It's marginal, I know, but it's something. Capitol switchboard. Update: It passed! This will not end the war legally, but it's a huge step toward forcing an end...

FPF #236 – Rand Paul Stands Tall

On FPF #236, I discuss Senator Rand Paul's effort to ease tensions between the US and Russia. Rand has taken a trip to Russia and is now asking Trump to remove sanctions from Russia lawmakers so they can enter the US. Senator Paul is also making an effort to halt NATO...

FPF #230 – Rand Goes to Russia

On FPF #230, I discuss Senator Rand Pau's recent trip to Russia. Rand's trip to Russia is a good thing and could help lawmakers in both countries realize their common goals.  I also break down Saudi's diplomatic split with Canada. The Saudis have kicked the Canadian...



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