News Roundup 5/4/17

Trump will sign an executive order to ease restrictions on churches and other tax-exempt organizations engaging in political activity. [Link] An activist was convicted of laughing during Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings. [Link] This article breaks down the $1.1...

News Roundup 4/24/17

Trump says he is not involved in the decision to arrest Assage or not. Trump says he will support Sessions if he decides to pursue charges against Assange. [Link] A look into nuclear weapons around the globe. [Link] Worldwide defense spending was up 0.4% in 2016....

News Roundup 3/28/17

Jeff Sessions announced that he will look to strip funding from sanctuary cities. [Link] The US is boycotting nuclear disarmament talks taking place at the UN. [Link] US soldiers in Mosul have started to wear black uniforms to look more like Iraqi counterterrorism...

News Roundup 2/8/17

The Senate approves Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. Devos has been the most contested of Trump's appointments so far. The Senate vote was 50-50 with Mike Pence breaking the tie. [Link] In a conversation with sheriffs around the country, Trump expresses support...

News Roundup 2/1/17

872 refugees will be granted waivers from the ban on refugees. The waivers are allowed under Trump's executive order on immigration. [Link] Senate Democrats delay the committee confirmation vote on Jeff Sessions. The Democratic members refused to show up the committee...

#Hope #Change

Gingrich, Arpaio, Palin, Giuliani, Sessions, Corker, Bolton!, Hadley. Ayotte, Jose Fuckin' Rodriguez! Doomed I tells ya. Doomed.



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